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long painful breastfeeds and crying baby

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pickledgirkin Sat 09-Apr-16 16:56:42

If any if you are suffering from painful boobs and crazy long periods of breastfeeding (my worst was 12 hours non stop literally couldn't even go to loo) and a crying baby please get tongue tie checked BY A TRAINED TONGUE TIE SPECIALIST and make sure you watch them check. It might be 'normal', or 'cluster feeding', or 'latch', or 'positioning', or a growth spurt, or fussiness, or because the baby needs to be close, but it might be tongue tie which it was for me and my poor little bubba was hungry. Took me 8 weeks to work it out, she had the snip, been 6 months breastfeeding now, have a happy healthy baby who doesn't cry (as much!), down to 10 minutes per boob, no pain and a much happier mummy! DO NOT ASSUME THE HOSPITAL IDENTIFIED IT AT BIRTH. They said she didn't have one at my hospital but she did. Good luck xxx

tiredybear Sun 10-Apr-16 09:54:08

Yes, thanks for posting.

My LO had a tongue tie too. I was incredibly lucky that we had him in hospital over a bank holiday weekend. The regular staff were off so they had agency staff, one of whom was the area specialist for tongue ties!

So many of my friends' babies have had them too - I hadn't realised how common they are.

Hawkmoth Sun 10-Apr-16 10:00:33

DS is having his snipped on Tuesday smile

SerenityReynolds Sun 10-Apr-16 10:02:59

Definitely! DD2's was missed by 3 midwives and in hindsight, I think DD1 had one too that was never picked up (despite an extended inpatient stay for problems bf hmm)

pickledgirkin Sun 10-Apr-16 11:47:49

Yes, I think it is much more common than health professionals realise. They all asked whether my LO could stick her tongue over her lower gum, which she could. Eventually I called the la leche league who asked if she raised her tongue when she cried and she didn' was a 50% tongue tie. I saw so many midwives, lactation consultants and gp...none picked up on it even though signs were there. Hawkmoth - good luck with snip...just be prepared that your baby might have to practice a bit before getting good at bfing ... Took mine a few weeks but now its easy and painless! Speed the word about tongue tie! Xxxx

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