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8 week old suddenly becoming fussy feeder

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Casablanca78 Sat 09-Apr-16 10:41:53

My son was 8 weeks yesterday and is exclusively breastfed. It had been going well until about a week ago. Feeds have started becoming a battle and he constantly pulls on and off and cries constantly. We're using infacol and he brings up burps when I wind him but when I try to put him back on the breast it starts again. As a result it's hard to get him to take any decent length of feed during the day as it often ends with one or other of us giving up in frustration (he falls asleep or I end up walking him around or taking him out).

I'm confused as to what it is as it only happens during the day and he feeds beautifully at night with no issues at all. But as a result I think he's getting most of his milk intake needs during the night and therefore only goes 1-3 hours between feeds during the night and I'm knackered!

The health visitor thought it might be hunger and frustration of not getting enough from me so gave me tips on increasing supply and breast compression. But he seems to do it even when my boobs feel full and I can see he's getting mouthfuls of milk. I also find it hard to think it's wind as its happening all the time, often early on in a feed.

My partner gives him a bottle of expressed milk in the evenings and he takes that with no issue. We've also tried a bottle of formula at bedtime twice now and he takes that fine with no issue (sadly it's not been the miracle sleep solution I had hoped!).

If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated as I'm feeling close to giving up breastfeeding. I was feeling so proud to have managed it this time after it never working out with my daughter and he was such a good feeder until recently that it was a pleasure. But now it's stressful for both of us and as he's never taking a full feed, he's constantly wanting to feed and just taking little and often (health visitor said we should be feeding no sooner than 3 hourly - pah!). Having another child, it's also affecting her as I'm constantly trying to feed him.

Thank you for reading and any tips/advice greatly appreciated. I'll try and get to the next milk drop in clinic next week too.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 10-Apr-16 17:47:51

Have you spoken to a BFC? smile

MentalMum1 Tue 19-Apr-16 22:46:16

My little one, now 10 weeks, was doing the same thing. Tiktok posted a helpful response, let me see if I can find it and copy and paste

MentalMum1 Tue 19-Apr-16 22:48:04

Here it is, might be helpful:
It's so frustrating when babies cannot tell us what is wrong sad

I think it's relevant that this does not happen all the time - even on the days it does happen, it does not happen at every feed. It's also very common that babies who do this are calmer and easier to feed at night.

Babies who are this young are 'disorganised' - they cannot regulate their feelings well. It may be that sometimes, she does not want to feed, or does not want to feed more, and the only way she can tell you this is by fussing when you try to feed her/continue to try to feed her. The fussing may not mean pain or discomfort.

It might be worth taking her lead, and just cuddling her close to the breast without trying to chase her mouth with your nipple - watch for the signs she really does want to feed before insisting that she must be hungry. See what happens. Keep feeds low key and sensitive and responsive - let her 'tell' you what she wants.

Of course there could be a physical problem like wind or reflux, but it's worth trying the above 'behavioural' response before assuming there's anything wrong.

What do you think?

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