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Feel shit

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maybebabybee Wed 06-Apr-16 15:28:23

Feel gutted. DS is 3 weeks old - EBF from birth except 1 formula top up in hospital as they were giving me grief about his weight gain. Since then bf has been going really well, he latches on well, feeds regularly, lots of wet and dirty nappies, gaining weight etc. Last few days however he has latched on, fed for a few minutes, then started bobbing his head about and rooting even though boob is in his mouth. If I take him off boob he shrieks the place down. I think he is windy and it makes him uncomfortable, however even if I burp him between feeds it makes no difference. Tried feeding him in all different positions, no difference. We give him one bottle of expressed breast milk a day and he's always switched between the two with no issues until now. He doesn't do the head bob thing at the bottle.

I reached the end of my tether today with the constant fussing and gave him some pre mixed formula. He took it and is now fast asleep.

I feel horribly guilty and am just sitting here crying. I'll express some milk so my supply isn't affected but I feel crap for giving him formula though rationally I know there's nothing wrong with it.

Any advice welcome.

AlexandraEiffel Wed 06-Apr-16 15:52:35

The bobbing can be normal. My baby does it. It can be to do with them increasing your supply. Is it in the evening?

I'm no expert, just repeating what I've been told. Is there a la leche group where you are? Or call the Nct breastfeeding helpline? Or any other bf support groups? I often just check things like that, really helps to hear it's often normal. Kellymom website is great.

And don't feel bad. You're doing the best you can in a situation where the odds are stacked against you. It's not your fault.

AlexandraEiffel Wed 06-Apr-16 15:55:48

This might be useful?

maybebabybee Wed 06-Apr-16 15:57:38

He generally does do it in the evening which I know is normal but it's been all day today!

I just feel terrified he's going to reject the breast.

OneBiscuitAtATime Wed 06-Apr-16 16:04:22

Try going back to basics with skin to skin. It helped with my now 5 mo in the early days whenever we went through a difficult patch. And don't worry about the formula, it certainly won't do any harm. For some, like me, the odd bottle of formula at a low point is what helps you to keep bf in the longer term.

AlexandraEiffel Wed 06-Apr-16 16:04:28

There's no reason he will. A bottle is easier for them to gulp down, so of course he might take it more easily. But that doesn't mean he's going to reject the breast. Experts can really help in these situations

maybebabybee Wed 06-Apr-16 16:27:17

He's always easily switched between the two. Just worry he'll suddenly stop.

There's a breastfeeding clinic on in my area tomorrow so I may pop in there.

HairyBoob Wed 06-Apr-16 16:31:58

You'll be fine. Early BF days are full of hurdles.

Get yourself to a BF cafe and have as much skin to skin as you possibly can. Stick with it and don't lose hope. You will get through this.

If he doesn't feed properly from you, express to keep your supply up. Do you have a good pump?

When my DS2 was a week he had his tongue tie snipped and refused to latch. I had to syringe feed him as he refused a bottle. It was hell and I was in a mess. I got help from a wonderful IBCLC and within a few days we were sorted. He's now a huge 12 week old and loves the boob.

Sending you brewand thanks

CutYourHairAndGetAJob Wed 06-Apr-16 16:37:29

Mine is four months now and does this occasionally. I haven't got to the bottom of why he does it but I just want to reassure you that he is still bfing and gaining weight, so it doesn't mean that he will reject the breast. Ds hasn't had any formula by the way.

maybebabybee Wed 06-Apr-16 16:49:41

He just seemed so upset I thought he was still hungry. Feel quite stupid now.

maybebabybee Wed 06-Apr-16 17:32:51

I have a good electric pump yes - medela swing. I just expressed some to make up for this formula feed.

CutYourHairAndGetAJob Wed 06-Apr-16 18:41:12

Don't feel stupid, no one knows what they are doing to start with flowers

I figure that if they are hungry they will just keep sucking till they are full. Your milk never runs out, so if they keep sucking you will keep making more milk. If you're worried about supply then spend a day in bed with the baby, skin to skin, letting him feed whenever he wants to. Even if you don't have a problem with supply its a lovely way to spend the day, so it's win-win. smile

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