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am I losing my supply?

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Jemappelle Mon 04-Apr-16 19:45:44

DS is 5.5 months. Over the last couple weeks o have gradually reduced his daytime BFs with the view to moving him to solids and formula over the day at the childminders and two good long BFs morning and night which I was hoping to retain for the next year.

Things have been fine and over the past few days I've been doing morning BF at 6:30 am and 6:30 pm. And he usually BFs to nap for anything between 5-10 mins as well.

This evening I somehow felt there is no milk. He really struggled and kept coming on and off. When I tried to hand express I got nothing absolutely nothing I heard no swallows and didn't feel the belly fill up. He did fall asleep and is sleeping right now but I can't shake off the feeling I sent him to bed hungry and that he got nothing

I am so worried. Have I ruined it? Everywhere I got advice from before doing this told me it's fine at my stage.

I really want to continue those two BFs. They are his best deeds and he drinks loads then before and after his day whatever that day has in itsad

Jemappelle Mon 04-Apr-16 20:30:21

Feeds* not deeds

Jemappelle Mon 04-Apr-16 21:34:58


Jemappelle Tue 05-Apr-16 08:34:52


Nan0second Tue 05-Apr-16 08:43:13

Unlikely to have ruined it if you've never missed those feeds. Sometimes DD feeds better than others (very distracted!). I try not to worry about one feed and just watch a pattern over a few days. She likes to latch and unlatch to make the milk come faster. Unlikely to be hungry if falls asleep!

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