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why does breastfeeding feel so weird?

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SleepForTheWeak Sat 02-Apr-16 05:11:33

DD is 17 months and generally only feeds during the night out, once or twice.

Over the last few weeks feeding her had become uncomfortable, not in a sore way, but in a tickly nails down a blackboard kind of way. It makes me curl my toes and wish for it to hurry up, it's awful.

If, on the rare occasion she sleeps through, I feed her as soon as she wakes and don't have this feeling. It's just during the night.

We had previously night weaned her but started feeding her again during the night after teething and illness and everything else failing to get her back to sleep. It's like my body is protesting to these night feeds.

Has anyone else had similar? I thought it might pass but if anything it gets worse. I end up getting frustrated at her during a feed which isn't fair as she's not done anything wrong!!

Longdistance Sat 02-Apr-16 05:24:45

Sounds like you have ducal thrush. I had this with dd1. It was hideous, and took ages to diagnose, so know the toe curling agony of feeding.

I was prescribed anti thrush tablets (can't remember their name) and had an oral gel for dd's mouth.

flowers go see your gp.

OhtoblazeswithElvira Sat 02-Apr-16 05:54:04

I used to get this in the night only, too. Personally I think it was to do with the fact that I was slowly falling asleep, and the BF was waking me up IYSWIM. It was a bit like having a bout of restless leg syndrome in bed - unpleasant stimulation when your body is switching off ready for sleep.

Fugghetaboutit Sat 02-Apr-16 07:10:35

If it was thrush wouldn't it hurt during the day too?

Kraggle Sat 02-Apr-16 07:13:28

I had that sometimes, makes you feel cringy and weird. I just figured it was baby hitting a nerve funny or something like that!

sixinabed Sat 02-Apr-16 07:57:36

My 20mo feeds at night and tends to 'rest' her teeth on my nipple as she's falling asleep, to which I have the same reaction as you. Sometimes carefully unlatching her and swapping sides helps (and if she's well asleep she just rolls away at that point smile).
She never does it during the day when fully awake.
It tends to be worse if she's unwell.

SleepForTheWeak Sat 02-Apr-16 08:31:22

Thanks everyone. I don't think it's thrush as it's not actually sore - it's like a really unnatural feeling - like its wrong IYSWIM

I hope it passes, it's every feed during the night. I think I'll have to night wean again if not.

LillyBugg Sat 02-Apr-16 08:43:22

OP try googling nursing aversion. Sounds close to what you are posting. You could try joining a Facebook group 'Breastfeeding older babies and beyond' where you will get lots of support.

HarimadSol Sat 02-Apr-16 09:02:49

Sounds like breastfeeding aversion to me, too. I have it with my 18 month old, but not my 6 week old. Very annoying! Have had to put limits on the number and length of sessions for DD1 as I just can't handle the feeling. Getting plenty of rest and hydration helps, though.

SleepForTheWeak Sat 02-Apr-16 19:39:35

Thanks - will look that up smile

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