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how to chose what bottles to get

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flowerpower10 Fri 01-Apr-16 20:00:24

I am on my buying mission for baby girl due to be born via c- section end of July
I have been warned by my midwife breast feeding may not be a great option for me with having had surgery to remove lumps from both breasts 9 years ago and sometimes milk is delayed when having a section and I have a blood disorder which means i don't absorb B12 and folic acid I have to have them injected monthly

So I hope to bf colostrum only
Do go for anti colic bottles like DR brown and Mam in the hope she doesn't suffer with it

By the run off the mill tommie tippie and hope not to need to buy lots of different bottles

Or pay more and get special bottles for breast fed baby Mandela calmer

Any help please

PennyHasNoSurname Fri 01-Apr-16 20:03:56

Id just buy tommee tippee bottles and a microwave steriliser (whole lot will be under £30), then if you find you take to BFing or you find the baby has colic it isnt much money wasted.

Peach1886 Fri 01-Apr-16 20:10:02

We got self-sterilising Mam bottles which are also anti colic, easy to clean (wash first then a few minutes in the microwave) with silk teats which apparently have a very similar feel to bf. Baby took to them straight away and we've not needed to get anything else, good mid price option, especially when you buy the sets. Enjoy your shopping fest smile

BettyBi0 Fri 01-Apr-16 20:48:52

I must have tried a million different bottles with DC1. Hands down winner for her teat wise was Nuk - it made a huge difference to the amount of air she was gulping down with most other teats. I think so much depends on the individual baby though and the way they latch.

Avent, Mam, Tommy tippee and medela calma for us were an absolute nightmare. Loads of people swear by the Dr Browns bottles but they are such a faff to wash and assemble.

mulberrybag5 Sat 09-Apr-16 11:01:48

We started with TT and after a few days changed to dr brown. I felt like he was swallowing half the room full of air with TT! It is trial and error but I'd stay clear of TT straight away.

unimagimative13 Mon 11-Apr-16 00:09:02

Pack of 6 TT bottles £10 on Amazon - always a good place to start

31weeksgone Mon 11-Apr-16 00:14:34

Tried every single bottle under the sun, bought massive set of TT bottles and she hated them, gave her bad wind and our midwife and HV said lots of people didn't get on with TT. Buy Dr. Browns, they're amazing, you won't regret it. Instantly less windy daughter, fed well and slept well. We love dr Browns.

31weeksgone Mon 11-Apr-16 00:15:57

Also if you're planning on FF, buy a perfect prep bottle machine. Only good thing that TT do make. Bloody love ours, a fresh bottle in 2 minutes. Lifesaver at 3AM when a fresh bottle made the traditional way takes 30 minutes to cool! Currently on offer at asda I do believe but Amazon have great deals on them sometimes too, hope this helps grin

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