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is it ok to use aromatherapy/essential oils while breastfeeding

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kizzie Wed 26-May-04 10:14:28

Just bought my friend who has just had a baby some essential oils (for her - not baby).

Only just thought - is it ok for her to use them in bath/shower while breast feeding or should she save them for later?


tiktok Wed 26-May-04 11:03:15

Can't imagine why they would do anything else but a power of good, Kizzie! What a nice present for a new mum.

Essential oils are only ever used in miniscule amounts. They can't possibly reach the bloodstream (via the skin) in anything other than the faintest, almost invisible traces....and that being the case, their presence in breastmik is going to be virtually not there at all.

Toots Wed 26-May-04 14:54:48

Word of warning though. I put some lavander in my bath - probably too liberal a shake of the bottle and dd screamed, and screamed after she fed - think it was still on my skin and burned her mouth. One of the worst nights we had. I'd say just a drop or two and wipe breasts thoroughly.

kizzie Wed 26-May-04 17:18:19


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