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Waiting for TT correction

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Hawkmoth Mon 28-Mar-16 21:08:17

DS, my fourth, is three weeks old and has struggled with weight loss and putting it back on consistently. Just over a week ago we saw a different MW who spotted a tongue tie and referred for correction. Unfortunately, there could be a six week wait and we have no money to go private.

So, we're on a mad feeding schedule where he's on demand, but we wake him if he's going longer than three hours. I express after every feed and he gets a top up either of my milk or formula if there's not enough.

I'm worried that my supply is decreasing either due to his latching problems or the inefficiency of the pump, or that he's finding the bottles easier... Will this get better when he is snipped?

What can I do in the waiting time to make sure the situation isn't irretrievable? I really want to BF as long as possible, not just because I hate washing up and fancying about downstairs in the middle of the night.

Or, am I putting in a lot of effort on a lost cause and should I just switch to FF and get used to it?


mrswishywashy Mon 28-Mar-16 21:37:15

If you go to the find a tongue tie treatment website you might have a local IBCLC who can do the tongue tie procedure for free or offer a payment plan.

Check out association of breast feeding mothers and she if they've a local group to get support.

My babies tie was cut at five weeks and my supply had very much diminished. I did lots of skin to skin, switch feeding, compressions, power pumping, I ate oats and made lactation cookies and took fenugreek, I also used a supplemental nursing system.

I'd also keep pushing for a referral sooner. Find out where the procedure happens and see if you can find phone number so you can call in case of cancellations. See if there is a feeding person at hospital who can help with one to one advice.

I just took it one feed at a time but the procedure made a world of difference to my daughter.

MentalMum1 Mon 28-Mar-16 23:11:54

6 weeks sounds like s long time!! Where do you live? Our little one had her tongue tie snipped and whilst we did go private as I was in too much pain to wait the hospital referral would only have taken a week. I'm in south east London.

Hawkmoth Mon 28-Mar-16 23:30:13

I'm under Bolton hospital. MW is going to try to expedite it this week. Have had a look at the website, not much in the north west but some interesting info. I just worry that I'm putting us all through a lot of faff, hunger, pain and removal from family life and by six weeks it might be too late. I hate the thought of him being hungry and tired from feeding, though I might be being over emotional about it!

mrswishywashy Tue 29-Mar-16 04:14:38

It is a really emotional time and it's a shame to have wait so long. Until I got my daughters done I did a lot to keep supply up but did use bottles so she could actually get milk. Even if you go to bottles there's a chance of reflux symptoms because of the tongue tie. I hope you can get it sorted. I think milk matters is up north they may be able to advise.

Bovnydazzlers Tue 29-Mar-16 05:05:38

My health visitor managed to push my appointment forward and she shared my outrage at the long wait time. I had to go to a different Hospital than my original referral (Tameside, so doable for you), make it clear you're willing to travel to any available place. This was 2 months ago for me, I got the new appointment within a week of HV pushing.

Hawkmoth Tue 29-Mar-16 12:37:45

I'll ask the midwife tomorrow. I've got his appointment and it's for 26/4 and not clear whether or not it's for consultation or treatment. Sigh.

Could easily get to Tameside... And combine with conciliatory cake in IKEA!

Hawkmoth Wed 20-Apr-16 22:18:32

Just wanted to update. DS had his frenulotomy last Tuesday so it only ended up being a three week wait. Midwife was great and got our appointment brought forward by two weeks.

We've seen an instant improvement in his feeding and he's already taking less formula, putting weight on and having better definition to his days... i.e. Not snacking and napping for hours at a time.

So the hard work of expressing was definitely worth it. I'm also taking fenugreek which has helped to the point of waking up in a milky puddle in the early hours.

Downsides... He can cry louder and I felt really guilty when he was clicking his tongue straight after the procedure. Poor love. Even his face looked different, though to be fair the consultant said it was "severely restricted".


Thanks for the help and encouragement.

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