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A couple of questions for those EBFing

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UptownFunk00 Sun 27-Mar-16 20:40:46

I'm just being nosy, to see how much variant there is.

1. How old is your DC that's feeding?
2. How many feeds approx. per day do they have?
3. How often do they poo?
4. How long do they sleep at a time at night?

I'll post mine below.

shellycooper Sun 27-Mar-16 21:54:59

1. DD is 20 weeks
2. Feeds 9-10 times daily- mainly only 5-10 minutes per feed.
3. 1 poo daily since around 5 weeks- before that was about every 15 minutes!
4. Sleeps 9pm- 8am with usually 1, sometimes 2 overnight feeds- usually about 3am ish.

I'm also interested to see variability as feel DD feeds very often for an older ebf baby.

Effiethemonster Sun 27-Mar-16 22:21:40

1. Dd is 20 weeks
2. Feeds approx every 3 hours but I sometimes offer snacks before leaving the house etc, don't really have a strict schedule. I no longer know her hunger cues now everything is in her mouth all the time!
3. One big poo every morning but can skip a day sometimes and then we get a poonami
4. Goes to bed 7ish and wakes between 12-2 and 4-5 for a feed but then rarely wants a feed on waking at 6 angry

I'd also be interested about whether people have a schedule with feeding and if that helps with night wakings...

whifflesqueak Sun 27-Mar-16 22:25:04

she's 2 weeks old. feeds seemingly endlessly. couldn't count. ditto poops. I'm not sure about the sleep question as I also have a very wakeful 21 month old.

I'm tired.

DillyDingDillyDong Sun 27-Mar-16 22:30:46

DS has just turned one.

He doesn't have any feeds during the day when at nursery, just one in the morning then after nursery and of an evening but when with me has a few throughout the day when he needs it or of he gets a bit tired.

He poos every day at least once.

He sleeps for a couple of hours at a time during the night and then wakes up for a feed. Usually doesn't go to bed until half nine and wakes up between seven and eight with about four feeds throughout the night. --

I'm so fucking tired!--

Gisla Sun 27-Mar-16 22:30:54

Not ebf anymore as she also eats solids but here you go anyway;

1. How old is your DC that's feeding?
16 months

2. How many feeds approx. per day do they have?
If we are at home, then as many as she can get away with! If we are out and about then she can go all day without a feed.

3. How often do they poo?
Once per day, sometimes she skips a day but makes up with it by pooing twice the day after.

4. How long do they sleep at a time at night?
Completely variable and I don't keep count. Longest stretch is in the evening when she can go three -four hours before waking, but in the early hours of the morning she still likes to cluster feed. Luckily we bedshare so it has less impact on my sleep.

mrswishywashy Sun 27-Mar-16 22:41:04

Five months
Demand fed but I'd say 2-3 hourly during the day, I'd say eight to ten feeds at least in 24 hours
Usually once per day but can go up to five days without a poo
Nights she usually does a six to eight hour stretch then does a cluster feed

WhingyNinja Sun 27-Mar-16 22:47:43

1. How old is your DC that's feeding?
6 months

2. How many feeds approx. per day do they have?
Between 5-7

3. How often do they poo?
Once or twice a day

4. How long do they sleep at a time at night?
Sleep is erratic at the moment but average 5 hours unbroken, one feed and another 5 in bed with me! Sometimes 8 unbroken!

HTH smile

poocatcherchampion Sun 27-Mar-16 22:51:57

1. 5 mo
2. Approx every 2-3 h in the day. No set routine although I am trying for a post lunch nap to fit in with other 2 DC. Some times I get 2h off then.
3. Pops at 6am every morning. hmm Big guy, need to change clothes
4. Bed about 1830, wakes 11ish, 3ish 6ish then in with us and I drag him out til 7ish for a feed.

lamingtonnutty Sun 27-Mar-16 23:12:42

1. DS is 5mo.
2. Feeds every 3-4 hours
3. Starting to poop everyday, but can go a few days without it sometimes.
4. I've started to give him some baby rice with breast milk before bed, he goes down around 6-7, wakes an hour or so after first going down for a feed, then I dream feed when I go to bed at 9-10, then he usually wakes up at about 1,3-4 and then 6 for a feed. Sometimes he misses the 1am feed and goes straight through to 3-4 and then sometimes he will sleep past 6 after his feed, sometimes not! It's hard work!

mmmuffins Sun 27-Mar-16 23:47:57

1. 11 weeks old
2. Feeds every 3-4 hours during the day
3. 1-2 poops per day
4. Sleeps approx 7 to 7, with 1 or 2 very brief feeds (we bedshare). This week did 9 hours unbroken!

Pumble Sun 27-Mar-16 23:48:28

DS is just 5 months

Feeds 4 times a day

Poos are random. Sometime three in a day, sometime once every three get the idea!

Goes to bed At 7 and gets up between 7 and half 7 in the morning (6:45 on a bad day)

He's been like this for months, but his sisters were too so guess It's just the way my DC are!

PurpleCrazyHorse Sun 27-Mar-16 23:52:30

DS is 9mo

Feeds 4-5 times a day depending on amount of solids he's eaten

Poos every day, usually in the morning. Mostly just once.

Goes to bed around 8pm, wakes at 10pm, midnight, 2am ish, sometimes 3am, often 4am, then usually 6 or 6:30am. I feed him back to sleep or I wouldn't get any sleep.

Li5beth Mon 28-Mar-16 00:06:43

1. 13 weeks

2. On demand (usually every 3 hours) but no longer than every 4 hours. Takes ages to feed like around an hour at a time (I'm using the shields not sure if that makes him slower). Naps at 9am and 4pm. Always cries for about 10 mins before settling but then sleeps for an hour or so. Also sleeps in the pram when we go out for a walk around lunchtime.

3. Doesn't poo every day. Can go up to 7 days without but then there's poonami.

4. Goes to bed at 7pm. Then wakes at 11ish, 3ish and 6ish and that's when we usually get up.

CaptainWarbeck Mon 28-Mar-16 00:16:06

DS is 10 months

Feeds generally for his two naps, about 9am and 2pm.

Does a poo either every day or every other day.

Feeds to sleep around 6.30pm, wakes anywhere from 2-3 to 10 times a night, feeds back to sleep. We cosleep from around 5am to get him to stay sleeping until 6ish.

SpecialSnowflake Mon 28-Mar-16 00:18:05

Never sure if EBF means exclusive or extended as I've seen it used for both! If it's the latter:

1: nearly 2 (23mo)
2: 3-6, more when he's ill.
3: 1-3 times a day. Usually 1-2.
4: 10-11hrs.

MrsRyanGosling15 Mon 28-Mar-16 00:26:30

18 months
Doesn't feed at all when I'm at work 2 days a week. Is attached all the bloody time when I'm at home. Will sit on my knee for an hour with a boob out coming back for random sucks. It's not a bloody buffet!!!! Find myself hiding from him sometimes.
He has 4oz of expressed milk in a bottle which he gives to himself in bed around 7.30, usually sees him through until 7.30/8am.

Junosmum Mon 28-Mar-16 07:12:51

DS is 12 weeks

Feeds every 2-3 hours, more frequent at night.

1 poo per day, though sometimes 2 or 0, there isn't a pattern.

Sleeps for 3 hours 11:2 then wakes every hour and a half until 8ish when he's up for the day, during the day he has 4 2hour naps and goes down to bed around 8.

MentalMum1 Mon 28-Mar-16 07:46:46

Almost 7 weeks, a bit random still, can go 4 hours during the day if sleeping, sometimes as little as an hour, I'd say a total of around 8 feeds if she's not cluster feeding. Every few days she'll cluster feed for a couple of hours. Normally she takes about 10/15 mins to feed on each side. She tends to poo every few days and then fills her nappy/has a blow out. Sleep is also variable as we have no routine yet! She has some very alert days and some very sleepy days. She tends to have two or three naps during the day, ending with a long nap late afternoon (probably a bad habit!) then a few awake hours before "bed". The last two days I've got her down by 1 (sometimes it's as late as 1 or 2 as she's wide awake! :/ ) then she tends to have a good 4/5 hours sleep, a feed, then another three hours (sometimes more if I let her get snuggly on my chest - normally she's in a sleepyhead).

GiraffesAndButterflies Mon 28-Mar-16 08:00:13

1. 7 weeks
2. every 2-3 hours between about 7am and 9pm, so I guess that's about 5 daytime feeds? If he's sleeping on someone rather than in his basket he can go to 4 hours, but then is quite panicky and over-hungry when he does wake.
3. Usually once or twice a day.
4. Longest stretch is about 4-5 hours so far. But he is fussy and cluster feeds from about 9pm till about midnight, presumably to build up to that.

mrsjskelton Mon 28-Mar-16 12:09:43

DD is 8 weeks
Feeds every couple of hours in the day and twice through the night (sometimes once)
Poos about 6 times a day maybe more.
Sleeps from 10/2 and 2/6 usually but can sleep up to 7 hours at a time in the past week.

Nottalotta Mon 28-Mar-16 18:42:12

Ds is 8 months and has been eating food for a couple of months, hisbreakfast and lunch.

1 8 months
2 4 times in the day, (waking, two naps, bedtime) about a million times overnight.
3usually once a day but can go three days without followed by several in one day
4 Sleeps 6.30/7 til 10ish. Feed. Then til 1ish. Then seems to wake every hour for boob. We Co sleep after the first wake up.

Although last night he slept from 7 - 2!!!!

iamtotallyserious Mon 28-Mar-16 18:52:54

1. 15 weeks
2. Every 3-4 hours though sometimes more often
3. Poos once a week ish, longest he's gone is 9 days
4. Bed at 6:45/7ish, I dream feed him at 10:30 ish and he will ideally have only one more feed before 6ish. I am trying to cut out the second feed as I am not sure he is waking from hunger - often will have only one side then fall asleep etc.

HairyBoob Mon 28-Mar-16 19:49:06

1. How old is your DC that's feeding?

10 weeks

2. How many feeds approx. per day do they have?

Prob 8 during the day, 3/4 at night

3. How often do they poo?

Loads. Around six times a day shock

4. How long do they sleep at a time at night?

3 fucking hours max

trilbydoll Mon 28-Mar-16 19:56:00

DD is 10mo. She refuses a bottle mid morning and I feed her at bedtime, 2pm and 4pm - before and after her afternoon nap. She usually wakes up with a dirty nappy.

Overnight I am a milk buffet hmm she goes to sleep about 8pm and wakes around 11pm. After that it's every 90 mins or so. I'm trapped in the vicious circle of being too damn tired to tackle it!

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