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Breastfed baby not dropping milk feeds!

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DrAston Sat 26-Mar-16 20:14:59

Hello all,

Looking for some help/advice regarding my baby who has been breastfed since birth. She's been a complete bottle refuser and formula refuser until recently where she will take a small amount of expressed milk but not formula from a bottle.

She's 8 months old now and weaning is going reasonably well with three solid meals a day but she still breastfeeds a lot during the day! Typically around seven breastfeeds a day with one other feed during the night. My worry is that I will be going back to work part time in just under two months and I'm worried what is going to happen if she is still on this many feeds a day. All the other mums I know have babies who have started dropping feeds or at least spacing them out more. My mum keeps telling me she'll be down to two feeds by then so I can do it in the morning and evening etc but I'm not convinced at the all babies automatically start dropping milk feeds?? Does she need to be eating bigger portions for her solid foods?

Many thanks for your help!

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