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Stopping BF at 8m

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youlemming Thu 24-Mar-16 13:30:55

I only feed my almost 8m old twice a day since returning to work in January and now she is getting her top teeth and likes to mess about during which often leads to biting as she trying to look about without letting go, I'm thinking it's time to stop.

As I'm off work next week for the easter holidays it's probably a good time so I'm not sitting at work feeling uncomfortable but I just can't decide on a particular day to stop and how long it will take to all settle down.

I'd love to keep going as it's usually a nice time to have together, especially at 6am when she's still sleepy and less likely to bite, but also time wise it would be nice to hand over to OH if I need to get on with other things and not have to plan going out post the 7pm feed.
She does take a bottle during the day and at the dream feed around 10.30/11, so I know it should go ok, but I do feel like I'm losing something.

DD1 weaned herself off around the same age so I'v enot had to make the decision myself before.

ricketytickety Fri 25-Mar-16 08:19:35

I would say you aren't quite ready to stop as mentally you can't envisage a day when you do it. Just go with it for now, unlatching her when she starts to fidget.

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