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how long did you breastfeed

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JulieC1981 Wed 23-Mar-16 20:42:20


Just wondering how long people breastfeed for and when and if you introduced some bottle feeds to give yourself a break?

TeaBelle Wed 23-Mar-16 20:44:59

Bf for 15.5 months. Tried with a bottle from day 1 but dd was a stalwart refuser! But once she was on solids from 6 months she dropped feeds quite quickly and self weaned from day feeds by about 10 months

Gisla Wed 23-Mar-16 20:45:21

Dd is 16 months and no plans to stop yet. She has never had a bottle and I've never needed to express.

cheapandcheerful Wed 23-Mar-16 20:54:42

dd1 I introduced formula at bedtime at around 10 months I think, then switched to cows milk at some point. Bf her in the mornings until 14 months.

dd2 never had a bottle. Exclusively bf until weaned onto solids. Continued with a bedtime breastfeed until 2.5yo.

Junosmum Wed 23-Mar-16 21:11:29

Currently 12 weeks, and with no plans to stop as he's a bottle refuser. I wish I could give him a bottle (expressed milk) we've tried several times and several bottles. I won't be breastfeeding any future children.

MrsMarigold Wed 23-Mar-16 21:15:02

DD ages 3 and a half (years that is)! still tries her luck.

Fugghetaboutit Wed 23-Mar-16 21:17:39

Dd is 10 weeks and has a bottle before bed to give me a break and sleeps for longer due to it.

Ds who is now 3 stopped at 8 months self weaned and never had a bottle as he wasn't such a big eater, his sister is draining me!

Artandco Wed 23-Mar-16 21:18:54

3 years roughly other times.

They had the odd bottle of formula or from a cup 0- 6 months if I needed to be away from work. And obviously after 6months they were having regular solid food and milk in cups as well as breastfeeds so it decreased in frequency as they grew basically

MrsMarigold Wed 23-Mar-16 21:19:28

I felt drained when I first did it but when DD reached about two and a half, I have to say she's latch on and I literally felt a wave of happiness.

ICantDecideOnAUsername Wed 23-Mar-16 21:20:16

Winding down now at 6 months as I'm back at work soon. Hoping to continue morning and night feeds. It's been a really hard journey but I feel a bit sad that the end is in sight.

Gisla Wed 23-Mar-16 21:21:17

If it helps you get through it Junosmum, bf a 6 month old, or a 9/12/16 + month old etc, is completely different to bf a new born (or under 6 month old).

Fevertree Wed 23-Mar-16 21:22:43

Stopped feeding my dd at a few days over two years old. She only had a bottle when not with me (I went back to work at 9months)

onedogatoddlerandababy Wed 23-Mar-16 21:53:23

DD1 self weaned at 20 mths, DD2 self weaned at 25.5 mths.

Neither were offered a bottle - once past the 3 or 4 mth mark, they were going 3-4 hrs between feeds and both of mine were extremely efficient 5 minute feeders.

They were night weaned when I hit the wall and a) couldn't do it any more and b) it stopped sending them back to sleep - DP took over settling them when they woke to break them from the milk habit.

NickyEds Wed 23-Mar-16 22:04:03

Ds- 6.5 months. He was mix fed and down to one bf a day but I stopped mainly because I really wanted to get pregnant again.

Dd -8 months. Last week in fact <sob>.

Rinceoir Wed 23-Mar-16 23:19:56

Still feeding 23 month old. Never accepted any milk from any source but breast. She's pretty much night weaned but I can't see her self-weaning any time soon. I think I'll need to force the matter because she's tiny, barely eats and looks for milk all the time.

Scooterloo Wed 23-Mar-16 23:23:10

DD1 2 years, DD2 3 years, DD2 would still now if she could (she is 4).

Scooterloo Wed 23-Mar-16 23:25:31

both bottle refusers, I missed the magical window. Don't miss the window, leave it too late and its a whole lot harder to introduce a bottle. However, once on solids you can try a sippy cup and that 6 months goes quite fast, believe it or not.

becksblue Thu 24-Mar-16 00:04:43

Ds almost 6 mo, still ebf. Hoping to carry on until at least one year but looking forward to introducing solids soon.

Expressed a couple of times but hated it. Would have been practical and given me a break.... But? I don't know, that feeling of watching my son being fed by someone else even though it was my dh and sitting there made me feel really odd. Like a milk machine or redundant? Not sure but I haven't admitted that to anyone until now!

I felt so relieved when he refused the bottle. I'm aware I probably sound like an oddball!

SpeakNoWords Thu 24-Mar-16 03:08:30

Till about 16 months ish, when he self weaned. We were forced to give some bottles due to a crap start to breastfeeding, but phased then out by 3 months and then didn't use bottles at all after that.

sonlypuppyfat Thu 24-Mar-16 04:48:52

All three children about three years each. I really loved it and found it very easy and fuss free

HeadDreamer Thu 24-Mar-16 05:08:16

18mo and 15mo with my two. Tried expressing and bottles with DD1. She rooks bottle from around 6 weeks and refused from 3 months. It was a faff and imho not a break at all. With DD2 I didn't bother with bottles and pumps.

Both started using cups from 10mo and will drink cold cows milk from 12mo.

sianihedgehog Thu 24-Mar-16 05:15:11

Currently feeding 7 month old. I went back to work a week before he was 7 months and have been expressing. He took a bottle of expressed milk for the first time 3 days before I went back. No plans to stop until he's ready - breastfeeding is very convenient, and after the hassle of getting it established it's effortless. Definitely the lazy option!

ICJump Thu 24-Mar-16 05:28:30

Fives years and counting! DS1 had a bottle at 9 months and in a handful of occasions. DS2 has never had a bottle.

ingenvillvetavardukoptdintroja Thu 24-Mar-16 05:37:07

Still feeding, he turns 1 next week.
Was happily taking bottles in nicu for first month but we didn't keep it up and he wouldn't again until sippy cup around7 months.
I started work a month ago and he will go without and just catch up when he sees me next. First weekend away coming up so see how that goes!
I have been lucky that it's been fairly easy and I've never found it too much to do every feed, hes never really done not sleeping to the point I felt mad.

AllMyBestFriendsAreMetalheads Thu 24-Mar-16 05:41:52

4 years and a bit with my first, 2 years and counting with my second.

First one would never take a bottle, second did with DH a couple of times but I found expressing a faff.

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