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Formula for colicky twins

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ARV1981 Tue 22-Mar-16 21:12:13

Hi, my dsis has twins and is struggling to maintain enough milk to breastfeed them and is going to need to do top ups with formula. The twins were born ten weeks early, but are now three months old and have so far been ebf. They are quite colicky. Does anyone know which formula would work for them?

tiktok Tue 22-Mar-16 21:21:45

She's had a hard start to motherhood sad

Wow. Bet she's been expressing like crazy through all the anxiety, too.

There is a good, independent guide to infant formulas in the uk, from first steps nutrition trust. Easily googleable. There is no evidence that any non-prescribed formula is actually better for digestive issues, and claims by the manufacturers that these formulations help are not backed up by the evidence.

What makes her sure it is colic? It's the flakiest diagnosis of all, really !

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