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7 week old taking too much air in with bottle

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zippyswife Mon 21-Mar-16 14:13:14

Ds is ff. He has such bad colic/wind which is at its worst in the morning 4-7am after his night feed. It seems like he doesn't latch well into the bottle and takes a lot of air down as he seems to slurp. Any ideas/tips on how to resolve this?

Cloclomomo Mon 21-Mar-16 14:55:27

Dr Brown's bottles are recommended for this kind of situation (I think Avent does one as well). They are a faff to clean and prepare, but very popular nonetheless.

comeagainforbigfudge Mon 21-Mar-16 14:59:18

I use NUK bottles. Had been using dr browns then tried nuk. Made a huge difference.


zippyswife Mon 21-Mar-16 16:26:49

Great thank you. I'll try these!

BatMobile Mon 21-Mar-16 19:33:52

Another Dr Brown's fan here. Also try adjusting teat flow / size.

eurochick Mon 21-Mar-16 20:03:01

We used man bottles. The Nicu recommended mam or nuk for premmies as their immature digestive systems tend to mean they suffer badly with wind.

eurochick Mon 21-Mar-16 20:03:52

Mam not man!

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