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10 week old eating less

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Summerdays2014 Mon 21-Mar-16 10:26:32

Hi all,
I posted a few weeks ago about my then 6 week old son who was drinking lots more than the 'recommended' amounts (5oz every 3hours) I now think that was a growth spurt as from 8 weeks he has been drinking less. My question (and worry) now is is he now drinking too little? He very often has 2 or 3oz at a time, which is less that he was having when a few weeks old. Sometimes he will have 4oz and occasionally 5. I often feel i have to force him to drink more... On average he is drinking 26oz in a 24 hour period, sometimes as little as 20. Should I be worried about this decreases? He was last weighed at 8 weeks and was 10.8 (6.10 when born) and was just above the 9th centile line which he has followed from birth. I got some great advice last time, so thanks in advance for reading and any advice.

Avebury Mon 21-Mar-16 11:14:45

When mine were little I was told they should be having 2/3oz per pound of their weight in 24hrs so if he is now 11lbs that would be anything between 22-33oz in 24 hours.

Look at your baby though - is he alert? Happy? Not more sleepy than usual? Having enough wet and dirty nappies?

Summerdays2014 Mon 21-Mar-16 13:07:47

Thanks for your reply. He seems absolutely fine, lots of smiles and altert when awake. Lots of wet nappies and 1dirty nappy per day. I'm only worried as it is such a decrease from 5oz. I have noticed that when we go out and I take ready made formula that he drinks cold he usually has 5oz. He's just done it this morning as we were out at a class. Thanks again for your reply.

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