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Feeding, settling, holding 2 month old - help

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rachndan Sat 19-Mar-16 05:53:31

Our 2 month old DD2 is a right nightmare if she isnt being held.

She is on Nutramigen and ranitidine for reflux so after a feed needs to be held up right for about 20 mins which during the day isnt too bad but for her 2.30/3am feed its a killer as we both just fall asleep (with her on my chest). And unless she is flat out she just doesnt settle unless on me.

When she goes to bed about 8pm she is flat out and swaddled so fine until she wakes at 2.30/3pm. If we try and swaddle her after that feeds the non-stop crying is unbearable so has to be held.

Also 90% of the time that she is awake in the day she wants to be held, so we have a sling, but it makes it so difficult at dinner time. Last night i put her in her bouncer and she just screamed the whole time we ate. So we are really not looking forward to dinner at a friends house over Easter.

I know 2 months is still very young but we thought she may have grown out of the constant need to be held thing.

She also doesnt/wont take a dummy so there is nothing to settle her other than a cuddle. Which most of the time is lovely. At others its such a pain.

Finally, she is usually doing 5ozs everything 3-4 hours and then other times she screams for a bottle then only does 1oz and is content. I guess thats just a little top up she needs. But she has only just started on 5ozs from 4ozs this week but the guidelines on the formula reckon she should be starting 6ozs now.

Any help and advice on the settling and calming so not needing to be held especially at our meal times would be appreciated.


Fedupoftheheat Sat 19-Mar-16 06:06:42

I always found that around 5pm was like the witching hour. Both my boys used to get really unsettled around dinner time. There really isn't an easy answer. We either ate later once they were asleep or one of us jiggled the baby on our lap and ate at the same time.
2 months is very tiny so she will want to be held a lot, but it will change soon and she will start to become a lot more settled.,

icklekid Sat 19-Mar-16 06:36:16

Yep take turns eating /holding baby when with friends this is even better! I think she is doing well to sleep until 2.30/3. I would look up safe cosleeping guidelines and follow them for now so you all get good nights sleep

Coconut0il Sat 19-Mar-16 20:02:12

DS2 hated being put down, especially from around 5pm. We either took it in turns to eat or DP would cut my food into pieces I could eat with one hand!
I think 8pm till 3am is really good for sleeping. DS2 is 6 months now and still wakes at least 4 times a night. For now I would go to bed early yourself if you know you'll be up at 3. Reflux sounds awful.
DS still likes to he held a lot but he also has longer periods where he is happy to be put down either to play or just watch what I'm doing. I think this started about 4 months. Mealtimes are also easier as he has a little bit of food now too.
I wouldn't worry about the feeding, just give her what she needs.

Cloclomomo Mon 21-Mar-16 15:08:50

Babies with reflux are often better fed little and often - a 6oz feed may be too much for her little stomach at this age, making her more likely to reflux. You just have to be led by her on what she is comfortable with.

Re your point about her sometimes screaming then taking just 1oz - it may actually be the reflux causing her to scream (not hunger). The small amount of milk 'neutralises' or washes down the acid which may (temporarily) make her feel more comfortable.

If you feel like the reflux is still a persistent problem, maybe ask your Paed about changing from Ranitidine to Omeprazole (Losec MUPS) which is a more effective drug. You can PM me with any questions as I have lots and lots of info on how best to prepare and administer it!

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