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Help please: 17 m/o refusing breast out of blue

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squizita Wed 16-Mar-16 13:28:02

My 17 month old DD was EBF until solids, and has been BF alongside solids and milk/toddler milk in a beaker/bottle since.
She mainly BFs in the evening as part of her bedtime routine now, only in the day if she's poorly. If she's thirsty at night too - though if DH goes it's expressed milk, water or formula in a lansinoh bottle. As I've mentioned before she's so established this has never caused an issue ever before.

However Monday and Tuesday night, after wash/Pjs etc she suddenly started saying "Nonononono!!" And pushing away my breast. Really furious.
So I thought she wasn't thirsty and went straight to rocking/cuddles/cot.
But she was thirsty - in the end I had to give her some beaker/bottle milk!! sad THEN she became drowsy and suckled for maybe 5 min. Then I popped her into her cot.
When she woke in the night again the offer of breast was 'nonononono!' - once she wasn't thirsty but another time she wanted some milk. She seemed to want to stay in the cot, maybe that was it? Comfy but thirsty- sore throat?

We both have colds - last week I had full on flu so my DH did a couple of nights, though she had breast at bedtime every night.

I'm worried and concerned for 2 main reasons:
-I know bottles at night are worse for teeth than boob. I was planning to wean her onto water only at night once she was done with boob - I don't want her to start bottle every night now!
-I'm worried about supply if she's not really weaning.

I must admit I also have the voices of sanctimummies suggesting I've not tried hard enough so am failing to reach 2 years breastfeeding in the back of my mind too. sad And I'm going to 'fail' because I let her drink cow's milk and have water for thirst... I work so she has to have other drink sources.

Any advice?

squizita Wed 16-Mar-16 18:31:57

Bump! Anyone..?

Out2pasture Wed 16-Mar-16 18:38:47

Any possibility your expecting?

mamamermaid Wed 16-Mar-16 18:54:33

Teething maybe? Your supply will be fine after 17m of feeding so don't worry about that X

SerenityReynolds Wed 16-Mar-16 18:59:53

Could she be self-weaning? I don't know too much about it but might be worth looking into.

AliceThrewTheFookingGlass Wed 16-Mar-16 19:14:59

It sounds like she could be self weaning. Perhaps she quite liked the nights you DP took over? In your shoes I would just let her lead the way if I'm honest. I would still offer the breast over the coming week or so but I wouldn't insist after a 'nononono' from the child.

Don't you dare feel like you're a failure! If you can feed until 2years then that's great, if you can only feed for 17 or even just 1 month then that's great too.

I breastfed my eldest until he was 18 months. I weaned him because I fell pregnant and my nipples were on fire but honestly I was pretty fed up with it anyway. He's now 2 and has cows milk to go to bed with each night.

Have I failed? Hell no! and neither have you.

squizita Wed 16-Mar-16 19:41:07

Thanks everyone.

Well tonight she had a feed no problems. She NONONOed some other parts of bedtime routine! It seems she grows suspicious of mum and dad's magic night time powers..!

I have chatted with DH though and he pointed out if she decides she'd rather have a beaker of cow juice that's about as gentle as weaning gets! So I am going to offer but if she isn't keen for a week or whatever I'll let it lie.

Alice thanks. grin She mostly eats big girl food now and is a huggy thing, so rationally I know whatever happens she will be getting food and bonding and that's what matters. Life of Riley, that's her! grin

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