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Bronchilitis, first tooth and CMI

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bechooton Wed 16-Mar-16 09:32:08

Hi, I am looking for some advice please as I am at a loss what to do. My almost 5 month old baby has recently contracted bronchiolitis (12 days ago), luckily he didn't get a temp and wasn't admitted into the hospital BUT I am having a nightmare trying to get him to feed and I am really worried about him losing weight as he is a big boy and needs calories! I am getting about half his normal amount down him but it is a real struggle and taking lots of time and patience and perseverance. I think the bronch doesn't help but I think its actually his teething now that is causing him distress as his first tooth has come through. He is hungry and opens his mouth to take the bottle but as soon as it is in his mouth he starts crying. I have tried teething gel, teething powder, paracetamol, throat soother, different teets, sippy cup but its not really helping him....he has also been diagnosed with cows milk intolerance so has been prescriped nutramagen which tastes gross. Any advice would be so welcome

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