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Very low weight gain due to tongue tie. Positive post division stories needed to keep me going

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Blackandwhitecat3 Sat 12-Mar-16 16:51:12

DS is 8 weeks old. He had a tongue tie divided at 3 weeks and briefly put on a little weight. Then a couple of weeks of green poo and gradually worsening latch...he fell below the 2nd centile (born above 50th) which sent me into panic. He got seen at hospital and his tongue tie had partially reattached so he was feeding really inefficiently. I had it redivided the next day and he put on 80g in three days. Hopefully he's on the mend now but I worry so much about him and if he'll have put on again at next weigh in.

Would be really helpful to hear some positive stories of babies who've come back from this spot. (He's ebf). Thanks

Latenighttv Sat 12-Mar-16 19:44:44

Before my newborn had a division he couldn't drain my boob properly at all, took him ages to feed and I got mastitis post division initially still didn't have an amazing latch but could drain boob and took a lot less time to feed, now at three months following the 50th centile line almost exactly, latch no longer painful, hope this helps xx

Latenighttv Sat 12-Mar-16 22:42:06

To clarify I meant I got mastitis pre division.

Nan0second Sun 13-Mar-16 07:19:34

Tongue tie divided here at 7 weeks. Managed to exclusively breast feed to 6 months when we added in food and then still breast feeding now at 9.5months!
Major problem for us was that DD had developed a dodgy latch due to trying to compensate for the tongue tie so we had to do a lot of work to fix that. Worth having some input post division from that point of view.

lucy101101 Sun 13-Mar-16 07:40:32

Both mine had to have their TT's divided twice (but in the first three weeks). Breastfeeding was incredibly hard to begin with. However, I managed to mix feed the first (had a PPH and could never fully breastfeed so had some FF topups but really about 80-90% breastfeed and no topups after weaning) for a year and EBF the second for nearly two years. I had a gruelling pumping and BFing schedule for the first 6 or so weeks each time though to get my supply up (using the expressed milk for topups for the second) as they just couldn't feed enough to begin with. Have you considered doing this?

Blackandwhitecat3 Mon 14-Mar-16 09:19:52

Thanks all and I'm glad your LOs are thriving. Nano I've been religiously going to Baby cafes and I've got support from the hospital breastfeeding team too. Lucy yes I've been advised to pump to boost my supply and although I'm not managing it as often as I'd like, he is gulping down the bottles so I really hope it's all enough.

How long did it take to get decent weight gain post division?

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