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Cows milk protein intolerance - please help, advise needed

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tuesday123 Tue 08-Mar-16 16:49:30

My specific questions are at the bottom of thread if you want to skip the spiel!

My youngest was diagnosed with CMPI at 8 weeks. She was EBF. I cut out dairy in my diet and her symptoms went instantaneously. (She had a severe case of colitis with bleeding in her poo which settled straight away when I cut out dairy in my diet).

I then re introduced dairy in my diet when she was 8 months old. She remained fine. She continued to be off dairy herself while I weaned her (but she was having breast milk with any cows milk i was eating)

Then at 9 months, I saw the dietician who said to try and wean her up the CMPI ladder as she had managed to take my breast milk with cows milk in successfully.

She did really well for the first 3 weeks and had no blood in her poo. I got up to giving her a dairy milk button and she has started with really watery diarrhoea since then (over the last 3 weeks). No blood in her poo like before but its like she's pooing wee, her poo is so watery.

Her diarrhoea did start while she had temperatures to begin with, so for the first week, I put it down to a tummy bug. However, her temperatures have stopped but she is still suffering with watery poo. So two weeks ago, I cut out all dairy in her diet (continued to breast feed with me having dairy though) and things didn't get better. Then 3 days ago, I have cut out dairy again and she is still no better at all.

She looks like she's losing weight (I'll get her weighed tomorrow when the drop in clinic is open) but I am pretty sure she looks a bit thinner.

I am also due to see the GP tomorrow but I don't think they are going to be able to advise much other than cut out dairy (which I'm already doing now).

So, my questions are - for those who have been through this.....
1) When weaning, how quickly did symptoms come on when challenging with Cows milk?
2) On stopping, cows milk protein, how quickly did symptoms subside?
3) Can symptoms be different further down the line - my child had bleeding initially, but now no blood, just very very watery poo.
4) Could this be anything else? I;ve seen things on here about soy protein allergy??

Any other advise would be very welcome. Starting to feel bit anxious about it all!

DesertOrDessert Tue 08-Mar-16 16:58:08

We were told it might take a couple of weeks to clear CMP out of the body, so I'd stick with the dairy free.
It's not unusual for temporary lactose intolerance post a tummy bug, but would have thought that applied to older kids??
Hope your baby is feeling better soon.

Rolypolybabies Tue 08-Mar-16 22:18:38

When mine has had a reaction to the milk ladder stage I have had to go back up a few levels and then slowly continue again after a bit of a break. Probiotics have really helped too. I take them and so does my toddler, optibac were recommended to me and seem to be really good.

In terms of symptoms I have noticed my toddlers have become more loose poo based and less skin reactions and no blood in the poo since 1 year old.

With feeding maybe try cutting out fresh milk ie the last stage of the milk ladder in your diet as if she is reacting a lot at present often a complete break can sort of reset and allow healing. If these things don't work then obviously consider soy and speak to Dr etc.

Generally when my toddler is teething or unwell for whatever reason I often reduce the cows milk she has in all forms for a period as I am sure it effects her more when fighting bugs etc. So if she was able to eat chocolate I would go back to a malted biscuit stage just for a bit.

Hope this makes sense.... Xx

tuesday123 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:26:16

thanks for comments. She seems to be getting a bit better now. Still doesn't seem to be digesting much food (from looking at her poo's!) but she's eating a bit more now. I'll continue to leave out dairy for a bit. Just waiting for dieticians to get back to me with more advise.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 09-Mar-16 21:37:03

It was a long time ago fir me really but dd2 was cmpi. although ff with prescription milk.

at first I was keen on seeing a dietitian as I saw it as importation to find out how to get her back on milk.

except she was speech delayed a bit and babies/toddlers cry fir next to no reason half the time and when they shove things in their mouths all the time it's hard to know of the runny poo os down to that or the milk you try and introduce.

I found it quite stressful and yiu kind if start looming fir reactions and you don't know if what you are seeing is normal.or not.

so here's what I did.

I quit the whole thing. I decided that calcium is present on a whole host of other foods and given a balanced diet milk is not vital. I went back to having my healthy happy baby/toddler amd decided until she cab tell me her tummy hurts or she's not feeling well I'm. not going to rock the boat.

I never looked back. she's fine with milk now aged 5. although we don't drink it here stuck to the alternatives (milk haters ). I make a large percentage of our food fresh and I rarely used processed stuff but assumed there would be enough traces present in any bought food to ensure it wasn't completely alien to her system.
dietitian was happy with my decision given she was so happy and healthy

of course you must do what you see fit and listen to professional and current advice and go from there.

just thought I'd offer an alternative train of thought.

tuesday123 Thu 10-Mar-16 11:54:06

Thanks! Saw doctor who basically said to check stool sample for infection. And give it a bit of time before restarting dairy. She's not dropped centiles on weight so feeling very much reassured. I'll probably keep going with milk ladder just for long term ease if it works out and she can manage cows milk protein again. Bit of a hassle having to cut out dairy for me again but I got used to it quickly last time (and lost weight because of it, so guess it has its plus sides for me in an odd way!)

Reubix Fri 11-Mar-16 12:09:50

Are you a member of any of the CMPA groups on Facebook? Do a quick search, there are about five of them (with hundreds of members) and there are two just for breastfeeding and support with the ladder.

The mums on there are the real experts, they have helped us so much. I'll try and answer your questions - hope it's of some use!

When my daughter has a reaction, it's around 30 hours after I have something. Anything between 2 and 72 hours is the norm.

It takes three days to get it out of your system, and by day three she's always recovered so far.

Our reactions have changed, she used to have constipation and is now diarrhea.

And we eliminated all soya and hidden soya at the same time as dairy - I can't remember the figures but almost all children who are allergic or intolerant to cows milk have the same issues with soya. The protein is very similar, as is goats milk protein, and even some children react to beef as well. It's the protein they can't cope with and the strands in these products are all very similar.

If her symptoms have persisted even though you've eliminated dairy though, it does sound as if it may be something else. It can take three weeks for all dairy to leave her system completely if she's been eating a fair bit though.

Do check out the Facebook groups. The ladies on there know a lot more than I do! Think they're called CMPA support for breastfeeding, CMPA support, CMPA support for reintroduction etc. They're gab. Good luck

tuesday123 Sat 12-Mar-16 11:41:51

Thank you reubix. Really helpful post.

I need to speak to dietitians (missed their call back to me in Friday? She's still not right and would be interested in finding out more about the soy milk intolerance as well.

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