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Sophiec20 Tue 01-Mar-16 21:31:35

Need some help !confusedMy 8 month old is on sma hungrier baby milk he is finger feeding perfect one health visitor is telling me to change him to follow on milk as he will slow down on weight gain and another one is tell me to leave him on the hungrier milk he can't crawl yet he can even get on knees on his own if I do change him what will happen meaning will he be sick or have diarrhoea if so how long for

tiktok Tue 01-Mar-16 23:13:31

How confusing sad

Calorie value of Sma follow on formula and hungry baby formula are identical. If your baby has the same amount then he will grow at the same rate, whichever he has.

Does the first Hv think your baby needs to slow down in growth?

Perhaps go back to either Hv and say you have heard two different opinions and you are worried about the two options, and not sure why you have been advised to change milks.

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