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9 week old weight gain and not eating much

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Givinguph0pe Sun 28-Feb-16 05:44:13

My dd is nine weeks old - 3 weeks corrected - and weighs 11lbs5oz. She's putting on about 4oz a week and is just below the 50th centile. The hv says 4oz is not enough but I physically can't make her take more milk!
She's exclusively breast milk fed but it's all expressed so I know how much she's having. Most days she has between 650 and 750mls but sometimes she will only take 600 and occasionally she will have 900. The thing is when I have tried to get her to take more she often gags and is sometimes sick and then I feel awful because I'm force feeding her. She had time in the TCU where they said how much she had to have and how often and consequently it's made me anxious about how much she eats so I write it down every day. The hv then saying she's not eating enough has made me worry more. But what can I do? Looking online does seem to confirm most babies of her weight and age do eat more. She still sleeps a lot though because of being early, more than most nine weeks olds, so I did wonder if she is using less calories up.

What can I do? Should I be worried?

tiktok Sun 28-Feb-16 14:06:58

Ask another HV about this.

Nothing in your post indicates anything to worry about but maybe you have not given enough info. The volume of milk sounds about right for her weight and age, and her growth sounds within normal.

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