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Tips wanted: combination feeding and expressing

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JustAnotherMumHere Sat 27-Feb-16 02:20:32

TLDR: What did you find useful for combination feeding and expressing? Timings, amounts, etc. Anything!

The long part: For a long list of reasons I can't bf on one side but the other side is going perfect with my 5 day old DD. It was the same with DS but I struggled for 16 weeks before breastfeeding one sided for the next 8 months as he wouldnt take a bottle.

This time I have an electric pump, for my messed up side. I try pump every 4-6 hours about 30-40ml each time. I massage the lumps and have no issue with the milk production disappearing on that side.

But little girl doesn't want to stop feeding ever. My good side has plenty enough milk but for aesetic reasons (I was really self concious last time), I don't want to become too lopsided. As she will rarely give more than 30 mins between each feed, and the expressed milk is drunk within seconds, I top her up with formula. I try to stick to equal amounts of expressed and then formula. But it isnt always enough. For example, she has just had a 20 min feed followed by 80ml (!!) Formula. She is finally asleep.

Sorry for the long scene setting. Basically I am open to any suggestions on how to "do this". Any tips you discovered with combination feeding.

ICJump Sat 27-Feb-16 06:51:40

Could you try feeding more frequently off your bad side? You might be able to drop top ups altogether the.

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