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Overfeeding formula baby

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nightandthelight Thu 25-Feb-16 12:56:18

Spent last night in A&E with three week old DS after he vomited up all his evening feeds and became dehydrated.

I explained that the last week he has averaged around 28oz a day and the doctor felt that this was overfeeding and the cause of the vomiting and recommended that we cut down.

The problem is that we have never forced DS to have that much formula, he has always been fed on demand so I am at a loss as to how go cut down as I won't leave him crying for food.

If anyone has any experience/advice it would be much appreciated.

tiktok Thu 25-Feb-16 14:18:06

This sounds like something to discuss with your HV - it's highly doubtful that the A&E doc will be well-informed about infant feeding.

It doesn't sound like a huge amount to me - probably on average what a 10 pound baby takes, and unless he is substantially below that weight, it could be fine.

Hope he's ok now.

nightandthelight Thu 25-Feb-16 14:33:51

Thanks tik, have left the HV an answer phone message and will continue to feed on demand until I have spoken to her. DS hasn't brought up and of today's feeds and seems well smile

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