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breast fed baby just started bringing up every feed.

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Junosmum Mon 22-Feb-16 15:19:25

My 7 week old DS is exclusively breastfed. The last 24 hours he has brought up every feed. I don't know how you tell the difference between posseting and vomit. He crys after every feed until he's sick/ brought up lots of wind/ farted/ pooped and eventually falls asleep.

I don't know what to do. He appears to be in pain. Plenty of wet and dirty nappies.

Until this point we've had no issues.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Mon 22-Feb-16 15:25:15

I think the difference between a posset and a vomit is the amount of milk they bring back, possets are small, and that a posset doesn't usually cause any discomfort to the baby. How much milk is he bringing up?

ANiceSliceOfCake Mon 22-Feb-16 15:31:19

I used to thing my baby was puking up 'entire feeds' till one day he projectiled everywhere, then I realised the difference. Try to imagine a full bottle of formula, then compare the quantities that come back up. I realised my baby wasn't puking 8onz of fluids.

Am I making sense?

frangipani13 Mon 22-Feb-16 15:34:23

Sounds like reflux - my baby developed this around 6 week. Make an appt with your gp as there are a number of things that can help depending on how severe it is. My LO also has a suspected cows milk protein allergy but her symptoms (bad gas, rash, back arching, screaming) went as she has a special formula (you could try cutting out dairy from your diet). Hope that helps.

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