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Help - baby refuses breast since 2.5 months old, only feeds when asleep

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NorthLondonMum2 Sun 21-Feb-16 22:19:50

Hi, my baby is 5 months old. He was breastfeeding fine when he was born, but since around 2.5 months old, he suddenly gradually became less interested in breastfeeding. Nowadays, he totally refuses breast. I could tell he is hungry because he would pull my hand to put in his mouth and suck. However, if I offer the breast, he would either turn away or suck and pull off after a second. I have to wait till he is falling asleep for nap to feed him. As a result, he doesn't drink much because he usually falls asleep before taking in much milk.

Just to give more background information, I never had this problem with my older daughter when she was a baby and she breastfed for nearly two years.

I wonder if anyone has experienced similar problem (though I doubt so) and could give me some advice please. The whole breastfeeding experience has become very frustrating and tiring.

Walkinglikeazombie Mon 22-Feb-16 00:20:51

Hi OP, I can imagine how frustrated you are feeling.

How is your DS? I only ask because my DD1 (bf til nearly 2yo) only refused breast if she was feeling bit poorly or was teething (got first tooth at 4m so started refusing about 2.5-3m).

Or could it be thrush possibly? Is your let down quite strong as that may be putting him off?

Try different positions, or possibly different environment (dark-ish quiet room always helped in my case).
If he does start to fall asleep maybe try and tickle his feet, or get him undressed just so he stays awake for the feed.

I now have DD2 who is 3m and can notice that sometimes she finds it hard to breastfeed with DD1 being around. I think it's a distraction and her becoming more aware of surroundings. Could it be something similar in your case?

Wishing you luck flowers

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