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Two weeks old- busted out the nipple Shields

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Underbella Sat 20-Feb-16 22:22:18

So today I have struggled a fair bit. I've been very teary and not coping with baby at all. I think we are cluster feeding today. She has been hungry all day.

Breastfeeding still hurts - the initial latch. Even when my boobs have a break, they hurt when I feel them fill up. DD fusses alot before latching and I'm forever trying to pin her arms down to prevent her hitting my nipples.

DP suggested I get my nipple Shields out. I have been using them this evening and what a difference. Baby latches immediately with no fuss. There is no fussing and pulling at the nipple during a feed. And it's comfortable from start to finish.

I fed DD1 with nipple Shields for the first five months of her life, until she's took them off herself and fed without.

It's going to be OK isn't it ?

MissLay Sat 20-Feb-16 23:23:22

I used nipple shields with both my dc for first few months and they both bf up to 12 months. It will be fine!

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