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possible mastitis?

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firsttimemum15 Thu 18-Feb-16 18:08:17

Advice pls. One boob became sore overnight but doesn't feel hot or swollen just sore and slightly red. Possible mastitis? NHS direct says to go to GP immediately but I don't know what this is. If no better ill ring my HV tomorrow who is great.

I'm feeding off thay boob first just tried expressing barely got anything off though. Trying to drink lots and rest. Easier said than done.
Hope ache ph so bad but don't know if this is because I've done more than I'm used to since c section..

Really really hope it's not mastitis

hownottofuckup Thu 18-Feb-16 20:22:46

Make sure you keep feeding off it as much as possible. When I had it I knew by the next morning, felt so I'll like flu and the boob hurt like hell! I stayed in bed with the baby but was better after antibiotics by the eve. If it's no better or any worse by the morning i'd go to the GP. Best to catch it early.

LastOneDancing Thu 18-Feb-16 20:28:10

My bones ached like nothing else when I had mastitis, and some pumped milk separated and went green at the bottom shock, sorry hollowed by a big red patch on the affected side.

Keep feeding & expressing off that side as muchvas possible and see the dr in the morning - as PP said, if you can get antibiotics early there's a good chance of a quick recovery.

LastOneDancing Thu 18-Feb-16 20:30:05

Oh and if you're having trouble expresding you might well have a blockage - if you're up to it try hand expressing in a hot shower to help. If you can shift the 'plug' you'll feel a lot better.

firsttimemum15 Thu 18-Feb-16 20:35:00

I've never been good at hand expressing. It frustrates me. So much. Oh no green mill.

I'll ring HV/GP in morning. If it is mastitis it only seems v.mild.

Lots of typos in original post. It was supposed to say that my hips ache so bad.
I'm feeding off that side. Not sure about expressing I've never really been able to get much off in evening. I don't know if I ache because I've done more than usual. That's also what my OP was supposed to say.

Thank you

LastOneDancing Fri 19-Feb-16 12:12:37

How are you today OP?

firsttimemum15 Fri 19-Feb-16 12:42:28

Thank yoy

Feels better still sore but not as bad so the self carw is probably working. I rang HV for extra advice and I'm doing all the right things
Thanks for asking

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