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Breastfeeding, fussing, baby not satisfied - help!

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TangerineTrees Thu 18-Feb-16 16:43:27

DS is 6 weeks old & is EBF. We're really lucky (up to a point) as his latch is good & all seems to be going well on that front.

However - when it's just him & me in the day or evening, he constantly wants to be on the boob. I'm happy to feed on demand, and do, but his demand doesn't make sense to me! If hubby or grandparents are with us he'll happily spend hours asleep with them or look around contentedly until he's hungry. But if it's just him & me, he screams until I put him on the boob. Then after no time at all, he'll pull away, bob around the nipple for ages, cry to go back on, & when I put him back on he pulls away (& repeat). No amount of rocking or walking or anything will work - even the sling.

Any ideas?! It really upsets me that I can't spend the day/evening with - or even cuddle - my baby without him wanting to fuss around my boob! I wouldn't mind if he wanted milk or comfort but it doesn't seem to be either & he gets frustrated & upset.

We've started trying a dummy in case comfort helps but it only works for a few mins then he spits it out.

thenewaveragebear1983 Thu 18-Feb-16 16:47:30

Perhaps he is just being comforted by you or can smell milk? When there's other distractions he's not so fussed? I don't know really, I had a cluster feeder and it turned out he had tongue tie and reflux but he did it all the time not just if we were alone.

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