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How to get my 7 month old to drink water

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BettyBleue Wed 17-Feb-16 21:02:46

Hi, my 7 month old DD only drinks milk and I'd like her to start drinking water too. I have tried giving her water in a bottle and also in a sippy cup but she won't drink it. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to encourage her to drink water?

Many thanks

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 17-Feb-16 22:04:43

If she's bf or having formula, the simp,e answer is she doesn't need it. The only exception would be if she's fdf and it's extremely hot.

Nothing to stop you giving her a cup of water with food, but no need to stress if she's not bothered smile

Sixinabed Wed 17-Feb-16 22:30:54

Second the above. Just keep offering it, and eventually she'll take it. I would strongly advise not adding anything to the water to encourage it - if you do it's likely problems getting her to drink just water later on will ensue.
My bf kids did not start water until about 10months smile

YesIcan Wed 17-Feb-16 22:56:37

My 2 DS were BF. DS 1 took a bottle, and a soother, but ds2 didn't. I got him to drink water after 6 mo, with the small Ballygowan bottles.
The pull up thing was small at the top, and because he wasn't used to sucking a bottle, I could just squeeze it a little to get some water flowing.
That brand ,then, had a small nib size.
Memories. 😌

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