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21 weeks - growth spurt?

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artisanroast Sun 14-Feb-16 21:20:25


My daughter is 21 weeks old and has been a brilliant baby. She was sleeping all night (or waking once max).

Over the past week she has started feeding on and off until about 10pm and then waking for a feed an hour later, then again between 2-3 and again about 5am and then again at 7.30am.

I just need some faith that this is a growth spurt and should calm down again because at the moment I am shattered.

She was prem so I really can't wean until she is 6 months corrected or 6-7 months actual age.

Also she shows no other signs she is ready to wean. She can't sit unaided and isn't interested in meal times. She also still has her 'tongue thrust'.

She is teething and I have a sore throat so these may be contributing too. I have no idea how I coped on an eye blink of sleep when she was a newborn and now I am falling apart when she wakes more than once!

I don't want to use formula as I want to stimulate my own supply. So, if anything I may pump more to improve my milk production.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

PS my little lady has finally fallen asleep - phew! Now just to transfer her from my knee to her cot xx

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 14-Feb-16 21:28:17

If you have a sore throat, could she have one too?

artisanroast Sun 14-Feb-16 21:43:30

I did think that! DH gave her calpol before bed (for teething) and I have her ibuprofen at 2.30am again for teething but also with the thought of she had my sore throat it may help.

I am nervous about giving her more calpol/ibuprofen just incase she doesn't need it. Maybe I am being silly though and I should give her a dose if she wakes during the night. I also don't want to think she is in pain and I'm ignoring it as I don't want to give her calpol/ibuprofen 3 nights on the trot!

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