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Cluster feeding question!

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SpanielFace Sat 13-Feb-16 21:46:06

DS2 is 3.5 weeks old, and EBF. It's going well, which is great as I had a hard time with my 1st (undiagnosed tongue tie leading to poor supply, we got to 5 months but it was a battle). He is gaining weight well (10 oz in the last week!) and is quite settled, as newborns go. For the past 3 nights, he's cluster fed 7-11ish, then slept for 4 hours, then fed every 2 hours afterwards through the night. Before then, he was up every hour all night, so I was relieved when the evening cluster feeding started!

Except tonight, he's not. I fed him sbout 6.30 and he fell asleep, and is still asleep now (9.45). He wont wake up enough to feed, so have left him with DH and gone to bed. I'm a bit worried that he's going to wake up and cluster feed all night again. hmm

Do babies at this age generally cluster feed every day, or will they have days when they don't do it? I just wondered what was normal?

Newlywed56 Sat 13-Feb-16 21:51:00

Think a lot of this depends on the baby, mine cluster fed about 9 times out of 10 every night for months (also fed every 90 minutes during no the day but that's another draining story lol) he's still very young though and although gaining weight if he sleeps more than four hours I'd wake him for a feed- even if that means so it's skin to skin. If he's not wakening after just being in his nappy I would be taking him to the doctor just to be safe flowers

Topsy34 Sat 13-Feb-16 21:53:13

There isn't a normal!

What works for a week is almost guaranteed to not be the same the following.

I think what you are saying is as expected, ds2 had a week of feeding hourly in the night, then another of sleeping through and then waking 3 hourly. He is finding his groove now and giving me cues to bed time etc.

You could try a dream feed, doesn't always work, but worth a go. I don't like waking a sleeping baby so won't suggest that.

(Or jump in bed and try and enjoy some sleep! or eat hobnobs and have a cuppa!)

SpanielFace Sat 13-Feb-16 23:27:51

Thanks. smile
He woke about 45 minutes after I posted and had a good feed. He's now wide awake though. No cluster feeding though. I wonder if he's going to start at 3am or some other helpful time!
Thanks for the advice smile

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