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Stopping bf after one week

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1wokeuplikethis Fri 12-Feb-16 16:35:04

As of last night we have switched to formula.

I've got my nursing bra on as tight as possible, with nipple pads on and cabbage leaves in. I'm trying not to touch or even scratch my boobs. They are big and solid and sore.

As its so early (he is one week old) do I just carry on what I'm doing? Should I express a bit? Will it dry up quite quickly?

I've been leaking copious amounts of milk through my bra & breastpads today and my boobs ache/sting. If accidentally bumped or knocked the pain makes me want to throw up.

Has anybody got any advice please?

Firstmum24 Fri 12-Feb-16 18:34:15

hello i went through similar i had a huge milk supply.
I expressed, if you have the milk it is a shame not to use it. So try expressing and feeding combined with the formula
Express when necessary and you will notice a natural decline in milk supply. Mine took 3 months to go but i was expressing 9 times a day (and through the night) to try and keep my supply going, in the end i reduced the amount i was expressing as it really was double the work expressing and then feeding baby.
If your breasts are sore then you need to get some of that milk out or you could end up with engorgement. Go for a hot shower and hand express if you get the chance to relieve some of the pressure.

Hope this helps, take care!

Clairejessica123 Fri 12-Feb-16 19:44:47

I stopped after about 10 days. I didn't do anything just avoided over stimulation. I was sore for about 4/5 days and leaky for about a week after that before drying up

Artandco Fri 12-Feb-16 19:48:21

If you can breastfeed I would suggest reducing breastfeeding with formula rather than cold turkey. So the next two days breastfeed, then formula next feed, then breastfeed next one so half the feeds formula. Then each additional day decrease those feeds and increase the formula if that's what you want.

That way it will take about 2 weeks but you won't spend 4-5 days in pain

lynholmerpark Fri 12-Feb-16 19:53:35

Sounds like you are engorged, poor you.

So, firstly, pain relief. Secondly if you plan not to breastfeed any more, I'd advise not to express and certainly not by a pump as it'll compound the situation. If you decide to continue (being engorged can be enough for many women to decide to stop but can be worked through if that's what you choose) just hand express a little off to help little one on and to massage breasts while feeding (firmly using knuckles toward the nipple) to alleviate engorgement. Hot/cold flannels will also help.

If just continuing to bottle feed, wear a well supportive bra for now plus breast pads and the milk should dry up in a few days but pain relief whatever should help.

1wokeuplikethis Fri 12-Feb-16 21:11:40

Thank you everyone.

No I have had to stop all together. Mainly for my sanity. I breastfed my daughter exclusively & happily up to 18 months. This time is very different or perhaps I'm very different.

Anyway, my nipples are too wrung out to stop slowly. And I'm an all or nothing person.

Definitely engorgement because they are like huge rocky blocks. Leaking under my stinky cabbage leaves 😷 I'm in the bath now trying to alleviate some discomfort but still my touching them. I have a womb infection so have started antibiotics today and taking paracetamol/ibuprofen too.

What a rotter but hopefully will feel better really soon.

1wokeuplikethis Fri 12-Feb-16 21:12:18

still not touching them

Chrisinthemorning Fri 12-Feb-16 21:24:47

Just wanted to send hugs, I went through this and it was the worst. I tried sage tea, decongestants, anything to get the awful boob feeling to go. Wine helped.
I hope it goes soon. Xx

1wokeuplikethis Fri 12-Feb-16 22:07:23

Haha thanks Chris, I had a glass earlier 👍🏻 just got so many freakin' pains going on right now I don't know where to begin.

lynholmerpark Sat 13-Feb-16 10:56:41

1wokeuplikethis - How are things this morning? Hope everything settling a little and 😞 re wound infection too. I know it's hard but try to rest as much as you can though know it's difficult with a toddler around too xxx

Annarose2014 Sat 13-Feb-16 11:03:04

Sudafed works pretty quickly.

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