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Extended (?) bf - to stop? When? How?

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MoreKopparbergthanKrug Fri 12-Feb-16 12:34:48

DS is 3 in April. He still has bf morning and night - tbh I'm not really sure whether he actually drinks much, I don't hear much swallowing (though there is some) and he eats solids well. He's happy to have a cup of cows milk from DH but only fif I'm not around.

I never intended to bf for this long, by now I expected him to have lost interest himself. At the moment, I'm content with bf and he seems happy too; at the moment it's by far the easiest option. BUT I'm starting to question where we are - am I being over optimistic expecting Ds to decide when to stop? If we carry on as we are, will I end up bf-ing a 5 yo? Have I missed the best time to try and enforce stopping?

Roseberrry Fri 12-Feb-16 12:37:57

Are you happy to be still feeding him?
If not then have a little chat with him along the lines of him getting a big boy for babies milk, see how he responds. Do you think he would be OK to swap milk with a new special cuddly toy or something?

If you are still happy doing it then carry on as you are. He sounds a happy little soul.

MoreKopparbergthanKrug Fri 12-Feb-16 13:15:59

Thank you smile
Day to day, I'm happy, he's happy, it's all good.

But, for example, I find it increasingly embarrassing to say that I'm still bf-ing (tbf it doesn't often crop up in conversation but when it does...) which then started me thinking if I am embarrassed to admit to doing it, then it's probably not a good thing to do; which got me thinking how I would stop (I can just imagine the plaintive little voice asking for mummy-milk); which made me sad, so I thought I'd take it day-by-day; but then I thought day-by-day is how I got to nearly 3 years... (I only managed 5months with DD)...and I don't think I want to be bf-ing a child who's at school...

I'm overthinking this aren't I? Am I ?

Roseberrry Fri 12-Feb-16 13:20:04

No I don't think you are, it's totally normal to get to that age and wonder about stopping.
How about gradually winding it down over the next few months. If he asks for it then try distracting him or get his dad to put him to bed so he doesn't have it that day. I'll bet that after a while he will want it less and less, plus your milk would be near enough gone by then.

I do understand your questioning over it, it's such a big deal to say 'right, this is it. No more breastfeeding' when it's been such a lovely thing to do.

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