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laulea82 Thu 11-Feb-16 15:58:46

Help I feel like I am starving my little boy. He is 4 weeks 2 days and ebf. Since day 10 he wants to feed all day long with barely 10 minutes between feeds during the day. He will sometimes nap for an hour if we go out in the car or pram but aside that he just cries to be fed. I bf my daughter til 4 months and I don't remember feeding this much. Promised myself I would at get to 6 weeks as that's when I am told things get easier. I'm so determined to make this work but am concerned he isn't satisfied and my daughter is suffering cause all I do is feed! Feeling low sad

tiktok Thu 11-Feb-16 16:17:15

sad sad

This sounds hard going, laulea.

How has your ds been growing? Is he healthy? Is he happy as long as he is close to you, on or near the breast? Or is he miserable, whatever happens?

Coconut0il Thu 11-Feb-16 16:22:00

It does get better. My DS2 was very much like this, if he wasn't latched on he was crying and I felt like all I was doing was feeding. I didn't mind that so much as set myself up with water and snacks and the TV remote and tried to enjoy having time to sit down and relax. What I did find hard was the feeling that DS1 was missing out. Luckily he is 12 so was at school in the day and understood a bit more so we watched movies and things together.

How old is your DD? I know it's not ideal but if she is old enough could she sit with you and you could watch something together? Or maybe make a little pack or box of things you can do together while you are feeding... maybe books to read, small toys to play with, some paper and crayons for drawing? I just kept reminding DS1 that he was a fab big brother and I really appreciated how helpful he was being.

I'm sure he is satisfied if he's having plenty of wet and dirty nappies. My DS just liked to be latched on, if he was hungry or just wanted comfort who knows! He's almost 6 months now and I won't lie he still does like his milk much more than DS1 ever did but he doesn't cry anymore and will happily play with his toys while I do something with DS1. It will get better.

christinarossetti Thu 11-Feb-16 16:23:18

Have you had his latch etc checked by a breast feeding specialist?

Is there a breast feeding drop in or support service in your local area?

My dd was like this (and I only had her at the time) and it's HARD. My utmost sympathies to you.

How does he do during the night?

laulea82 Fri 12-Feb-16 04:00:39

Thanks all. He regained his birth weight of 8lb 5oz at day 21. Not been weighed since. He's sometimes happy just me holding I'm or in the carrier but soon wants a feed. If I'm not in the room he will happily look around and cuddle my husband but if I'm there he wants feeding almost constantly.
I saw the infant feeding specialist at the hospital when he had his tt cut but they just asked how feeding felt didn't really check the latch. Will get someone to come round and check. It feels right. Have upped my daughters nursery hours as I can't keep her in front of the tele all day. She's 2.5 years and wants to run around. She ends up running a muck at home and I can't safely keep an eye on her. Feel so guilty though she does love nursery.

YokoUhOh Fri 12-Feb-16 04:16:16

DS was like this. Fed non-stop
for months. I learnt to feed him in a sling and it freed me up a bit to do other things.

Givemecoffeeplease Fri 12-Feb-16 04:38:33

If he is a sucky baby could you try a dummy? It's made my life so much easier with DC2. And I'm ashamed to say I was a massive dummy snob. I just think sometimes they just want to suck!

laulea82 Fri 12-Feb-16 07:35:55

Ha ha giveme. I was the same hated dummies. But I have given in this time but he is rarely happy with it for longer than a couple of minutes. Trying to use it to space out feeds but it's not working. That's why I suspect it's hunger and something is wrong!

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