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Finding it hard feeding at nights

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Underbella Tue 09-Feb-16 05:43:38

Dd is only a few days old. I just want to be able to put her down so I can have a sleep.

She falls asleep at the breast a lot, I can only wake her by putting her down, then I have to pick her up to feed again. And so on.

Argh I want her to be bigger.

Feeling a bit lonely right now!

lilwelshyrs Tue 09-Feb-16 05:53:49

It'll get easier! Dont despair. Nap in the daytimes... Have you got anyone to help you?

muddymary Tue 09-Feb-16 05:58:07

Those early days can be so tough and I don't really have any good advice though I'm sure someone will be along soon who does.
All I can say is they go over so fast. Just the other day, I caught myself missing the days when it was just me and ds awake together in the middle of the night while everyone else slept then I saw sense and remembered how knackered I'd been

Underbella Tue 09-Feb-16 06:08:23

This time round (newborn DD is our second) we are in a bigger house and DP will be sleeping in the spare room for the foreseeable future.

I didn't see the point in us both losing sleep. He's running around after all of us during the day. So I'm on my own at night.

You're right though, it doesn't last but I still think I need to hear it!

Past two hours we've been feeding, pooping..... confused

redcaryellowcar Tue 09-Feb-16 06:13:03

I know what you mean re feeling a bit alone, please don't worry though, it will soon get easier and these exhausting days will be a distant memory (please don't think I'm promising eight hours straight sleep for quite some time... Just a bit more than now)
I would suggest taking any offers of help, not holding the baby as that's the nice bit, but let friends make you a cup of tea, ask them to bring food, sandwiches or better still ready made meals, I found I craved shepherds pie (imagine it was partly the iron and partly comfort food) drink plenty of water.

Fugghetaboutit Tue 09-Feb-16 07:22:33

I sleep topless with dd next to me so she can latch on and fall asleep, much easier than picking up and putting down

Junosmum Tue 09-Feb-16 13:06:26

DS refused to sleep independently and would only feed to sleep or sleep whilst being winded. He'd wake up the second he was put down then need feeding again. OH and I would tag team, I'd sleep 8pm - 1am whilst DH held DS and woke me to feed him then DH would sleep 1am to 6am. I'd get 2-3 hours of broken sleep in a 24hour period as I couldn't nap in the day as he wouldn't go down.

Got to the point I was making myself ill and one night I almost dropped him off the sofa as I nodded off. After that we bed shared and I learnt to feed lying down. I'd latch DS on we'd fall asleep, he'd detach and sleep with his nose pressed to my Boob. He's slept like that every night since (3weeks) it's given me the energy needed and so during the day I can get him to sleep independently- literally doing the put down pick up 5 mins later routine. Last night he slept independently for the first time in his 5 weeks old life. He woke every hour to hour and a half but would go back down with a booby cuddle (he didn't really want a feed) except for 2 night feeds. I bought a sleepyhead which helped too.

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