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Baby being v fussy feeder - how quickly will supply reduce?

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sleepbecomeshim Mon 08-Feb-16 09:48:43

My 5mo breastfed baby has had a snotty nose the last few days and may also be having some gum pain, I think. He's been very fussy with daytime feeding and I'm not sure if this is distractibility, illness, reflux etc (he has silent reflux and is on omeprazole for it). He's very difficult to feed at the moment and I'm finding I need to get to him immediately post-nap for there to be any chance of him having a feed.

I'm hoping this will pass soon (feel like there's been one darn thing after another with reflux battles etc) but I don't want my supply to drop in the meantime. I've always had a good supply and am now 5mo 2wks in - but how many days of 'off'/shortened feeds would it take before things start drying up? I don't want to pump more than I need to because I a) don't want to get an oversupply again and b) baby doesn't take a bottle (a whole other issue....).

Thanks in advance.

tiktok Mon 08-Feb-16 10:19:15

You will not dry up smile

Breastfeeding is not on this sort of knife edge.

Not worth expressing, to be honest - if your supply does drop it will be temporary and you will get back to normal once your baby gets over this difficulty.

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