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Supporting breast during feeding?

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BatMobile Sun 07-Feb-16 19:46:38

I have massive large boobs.

I find it so much more comfortable to support my boob with my hand whilst DS feeds. I'm careful to keep my fingers well back and not compress my breast.

Does anyone else do this? Is it a bad thing?hmm

Casmama Sun 07-Feb-16 19:48:07

I'm doing as I type with my 19 month old ds and have never had a problem.

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Sun 07-Feb-16 19:54:25

I used to roll up a muslin and put it under my boob to support it. Never had any problems with blockages etc.

BatMobile Sun 07-Feb-16 22:19:10

Thanks both. I've heard of the muslin trick. Might try that. I use one of those feeding cushions which also helps support my gargantuan boobs.

GirlSailor Mon 08-Feb-16 17:31:15

I have to support the boob as it's too heavy for the baby otherwise and it falls out of her mouth. I can use a muslin but only when not wearing a bra so far. I'm pretty short so would find it much easier to hold the baby with both arms but one hand always has to be holding the boob. So annoying - friends with more proportional boobs are much better at the whole thing.

Harverina Mon 08-Feb-16 17:38:07

Yes did it/do it both times. Fed dd1 for 2.5 years with no issues and still feeding dd2, age 2 with no issues. I find it's more comfortable.

BatMobile Mon 08-Feb-16 19:19:21

girl I'm the same. It just seems too big for DS' little mouth (he's only 9lb!)

He's also got a little nursing blister on his lip which I think is a result of him trying to hang onto my boob. My lovely friend came over today; she has a much bigger baby and much smaller boobs and was just much more practiced at the whole thing envy

I guess it will get easier as he gets bigger...

KP86 Mon 08-Feb-16 19:21:13

Yep, had to support my huge and saggy boobs whenever I breastfed DS.

Terrifiedandregretful Wed 10-Feb-16 17:43:07

I had to do the same. No blockage issues, but the downside was with one hand supporting the boob and the other one holding the baby- combined with marathon feeds- meant I often went far too long without a drink or food.

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