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Nutramigen possibly not working?

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rachndan Thu 04-Feb-16 20:47:41

Last Friday we were give Nutramigen for our 2 week old and after a day or so we noticed a difference but today she seems to be back to crying after every feed and being so hard to settle.

Could it be silent reflux? Could it be we need Neocate or Nutramigen PureAmino?

We just dont get it, she is never happy unless she is asleep and getting her to sleep (not on one of us) is a task in itself.

I am considering ringing the doctors tomorrow as we are away for the weekend and want to make sure things are right.

Would they change formula again after just one week on the new one?


lorza03 Wed 17-Feb-16 19:59:42

My 3month old has just started on the nutriamegien milk. After 3 months of battling!! At every feed she's the same cry and screams and at 3months she's still only drinking 3 1/2 - 4od s feed. It's very stressful snd difficult to feed her. I'm hoping and praying this new milk is going to make a difference as I'm going insane -! She's also on ranatadine and gavison for reflux which does help she didn't show signs of improvment for the reflux until about 3 weeks in. I do feel you need to give it a good 10 -14 days to see if things are improving. But I would say so your best to get to the route of the problem as quickly as you can do. As now my little girl physicologically ascossicates milk as a "bad" experiance as its been such a long road to find the route of the problem, hopefully we are getting somewhere now.

tiktok Thu 18-Feb-16 16:10:36

sad sad

Good idea to ring the doctor again.

Why are you dead set against helping her get off to sleep by cuddling her in....lots of babies need this sort of help, and if she has pain after feeding, it might be just the thing to soothe her. You can transfer her to the crib/pram after she has dropped off.

Is a return to breastfeeding an option for you? It would not be too late for this, if it was something you felt able to do.

Hope you find a solution soon.

MiaowTheCat Thu 18-Feb-16 16:21:36

It took a good 4 weeks for us to see the change in DD2 when she went from normal off-the-shelf formula to neocate. They say a couple of weeks normally to see if it's working but we definitely took the longer side to see a completely happy baby.

One thing that we did find with neocate (never used nutramigen) was that because the consistency of it was so much thinner she also struggled a bit with trapped wind for a week or so till she got used to it and we had to drop back down the teat sizes to slow the flow down a bit.

Give it time though (I found our HV much more use than our GP who was awful through the whole thing trying to block prescriptions etc) as it does take a while to see an improvement - and neocate is such rotten stuff you really want to avoid it if necessary (poor DD2 spent the first year of her life smelling faintly of the morning after in a chip shop)! Once it did kick in though... bam different baby overnight literally and I don't think she's stopped smiling or giggling since.

One of those battery operated swinging chairs that laid fairly flat was a life saver for us though - DD1 never ever ever tolerated it - but it kept us slightly sane with DD2, as did the baby cocoon part of a Phil and Teds double - the darkness and slight swaying motion coupled with being able to incline it ever so slightly meant that it was one of the few places she wasn't screaming in discomfort for the early part of her life. Later on a jumperoo was also a godsend.

I do think with DD2 though as well as her now outgrown milk allergy and happy chucker type reflux, there was also an element of her just being one of those babies who bloody hated being a baby! She was much much happier as she cracked every milestone and a relentless grump when she couldn't do something (still is now)!

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