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Breast pain following blocked duct / possible bleb

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trebleclef101 Mon 01-Feb-16 11:47:21

A couple of weeks ago I had what I though was a blocked duct (pain whilst feeding, one section of breast engorged etc) which cleared with heat, massage and pumping.

I then noticed a white patch on the nipple which I picked off thinking it was clogged milk, but in hindsight may have been a blister as it left a sort of raw looking hole on my nipple.

My nipple seems to have healed but every so often (maybe an hour or two every couple of days) I get intense shooting pains in that breast. Feeding is going fine, the breast is draining well and I have no pain most of the time.

I'm worried that I may have let an infection in as I inadvertently removed the top of a blister.

Does anyone have any experience with breast infections or pain like this? I have made a Dr's appointment but thought I'd get some MN advice / info while I wait for that to come round!

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