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Went and how to night wean?

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Nottalotta Mon 01-Feb-16 08:52:33

DS is 6mo. He has just started baby led weaning so it having a go at food once or twice a day but not getting too much in yet. We have co slept and bf on demand. I have started putting his cot at bedtime, and returning him to his cot after his night feed at 10ish. With variable success - sometimes he's back in bed with me by 11, others its 1. Feeds on and off all night. I am pretty tired but worse going back to work in April.

Is it possible to partially night wean?
So that he has one or two proprietor feeds a night? I have no idea what to do and he's little.

Nottalotta Mon 01-Feb-16 08:53:15

Proper feeds....

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