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SMA new formula

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jas781972 Mon 01-Feb-16 02:31:28

Baby not liking the new and so called improved SMA 1 formula. Started new tin this week and it's making her hyper at night and she's just not sleeping well and doesn't seem to be filling her up. Anyone else had problems? She was perfectly fine before the changes made to the formula. Tastes nothing like the original one. Thinking of changing brand

dementedpixie Tue 02-Feb-16 19:40:36

No harm in trying a different one to see if it suits better.

antoniar123 Thu 04-Feb-16 00:35:55

Sma has new packaging which gives us 100 less for the sane price! I am fuming! I asked them on live chat and they said it's because their products are now manufactured on Europe!

antoniar123 Thu 04-Feb-16 00:56:09

Sorry 100 grammes less than the previous one x

dementedpixie Thu 04-Feb-16 07:43:06

They have added prebiotics so I guess extra ingepredients also drives the price up

Vicksp659 Fri 12-Feb-16 01:14:43

Additionally the new scoop requires 0.1g extra of formula per scoop; whilst that seems inconsequential it equates to 18g extra per tin. This in addition to the 100g antoniar123 has already mentioned results in a massive price increase by stealth! Not happy with sma.

Debz0301 Sat 13-Feb-16 10:36:08

Rang sma about this change as i also notice 100g less formula in the tin to be told its a better formula mix up therefore there is less of it and no change in price. I think this is absolutely crazy considering the other formulas are all 900g and if not cheaper the same price of the "new" sma needless to say i think its a absolute scam to make more money and the packaging is the worst design ive ever seen it was bad enough in the middle of the night to try opening the last packaging now you have to go back to the old knife leveling off i hope LO is ok with a change of milk as thats the last time sma will be getting my cash in their greedy fat pockets

lucyintheskywithgin Fri 19-Feb-16 01:04:08

I'm raging about this too. They basically just squashed the tin down and went back in time with their lid/leveller. It seems they're cutting costs but charging the same. In saying that I hope the 'improved' formula eases up on the digestive system. My dd has been on lactulose for months and sma is the only formula she takes ( along with food and water obv) corporate greedies have pissed me off angry

hibbleddible Fri 19-Feb-16 17:30:57

It's been interesting to read this. I have just stocked up on the last few tins of their old formula. The old sma was the only mainstream veggie formula in the market. Now there won't be any sad

TashaBye Wed 13-Apr-16 17:58:42

I've just found out the ingredients have changed. My daughter was on cows milk and formula. Started getting really bad yellow loose nappies, windy. The other night she was in so much distress was tempting to take her up a&e! Was just like she had colic again!
I put this down to the cows milk, thinking she may have a milk alergy. Now I'm not sure if is the new change in ingredients. Anyone else has this problem? Please reply, as not really sure what to do now! X

hibbleddible Wed 13-Apr-16 22:58:20

tasha a few people online have reported similar issues to you with the new formula. It might be worth switching to cows milk only or the old formula and seeing if it helps.

mrsb2016 Sat 30-Jul-16 18:38:52

Since they have changed to the new sma my 23 month old daughters eczema has really flared up when it had gone more dorment previously, nothing else i have used has changed deliberately for her skin, only the new sma, shes on the toddler 1-3 one, keep trying her on proper milk but shes not taking it, also her appitite it now awful, where before she was fine eating and having her milk what new vare they adding and more importantly whats it doing to our kids?

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