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Silent reflux?

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Anna2710 Sat 30-Jan-16 21:30:56

Around 6 weeks ago at 5 weeks old by little girl suddenly went from drinking 5oz every 4 hours to me struggling to get a couple of Oz into her at a time. She used to scream if I tried to give her any more but now just thrashes about and spits teat out. Today I have struggled to get 14oz into her all day (she should be on 30oz per day for her weight), taking just half an Oz at a time. She is on Neocate milk incase of an allergy and gaviscon and omeprazole incase of silent reflux (she doesn't spit up much). I am worried sick that there is something seriously wrong as she seems no better at all on these meds. She also sleeps some days for up to 18 hours a day or more at 11 weeks old and has black bags under eyes. The doctors don't seem worried and treat me an an over anxious mother. Has anyone had a child with sulent reflux who can relate to these symptoms, I just want to know what is wrong with her x

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