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vanilla extract in baby formula?

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ANiceSliceOfCake Wed 27-Jan-16 19:53:01

Has anyone ever tried it? Or is it a terrible idea?

Baby refuses to even swallow a drop of formula, he's 6 months next week and exclusively breastfed. I've tried everything else - I've got another thread going about that.

Floowho Wed 27-Jan-16 20:10:33

I wouldn't. Formula has been developed to be as close to breast milk as possible, and anything added will muck up the nutrients.

CityDweller Wed 27-Jan-16 20:13:45

Have you tried mixing formula with expressed breast milk? Start with mostly bm then slowly increase the amount of formula to get baby used to it

Nan0second Wed 27-Jan-16 20:14:41

I would (and did - it was that disgusting nutramigen stuff) but only because baby is 6 months old and weaning anyway.
I wouldn't with a non weaning baby for the reasons given above

scaredofthecity Wed 27-Jan-16 20:18:25

We used nesquik. Not exactly ideal but it worked! Formula is full of sugar anyways.
But we had to do it quick as milk dried up when I went to work and DS was df so on neocate which tastes rubbish.
FYI he liked banana best! And we weaned him off very quickly.

ANiceSliceOfCake Wed 27-Jan-16 20:32:40

I tried mixing expressed and formula, even with a tiny amount of formula but he still point blank refused.

ANiceSliceOfCake Wed 27-Jan-16 20:45:01

Sorry floowho I meant to also ask what nutrients will it mess up?

BumWad Fri 29-Jan-16 18:49:53

floo what nutrients will it mess up?

load of bollocks

OP I think lots of people do this with the dairy free formula as it is meant to be disgusting so why not, particularly as he is 6 months, it's just a bit of flavouring isn't it. But yes like somebody said above why not try gradually mixing bm and formula?

BumWad Fri 29-Jan-16 18:50:07

Sorry I just read your update

Floowho Fri 29-Jan-16 20:11:54

I always thought it was really frowned upon to mess with formula and its measurements, eg if you make it too weak or strong. That's what my health visitor told me, perhaps advice has changed. Anyway I would ask a health visitor personally.

Floowho Fri 29-Jan-16 20:27:53

Been reading other information about this where it has been pointed out that vanilla extract contains alcohol.

ANiceSliceOfCake Fri 29-Jan-16 21:30:04

I've been looking up vanilla extract and you can get it without alcohol, I just need to physically get some and I'm going to try it.
The measurements of the formula will still be the same, just with a teeny drop of vanilla.

Topsy34 Sat 30-Jan-16 05:24:32

Just wondering if you could switch to pumping breastmilk rather than switching to formula? you didnt mention why you needed to switch smile

JellyMouldJnr Sat 30-Jan-16 05:39:36

There's vanilla in some of the toddler milks anyway. I would give it a go. Have you tried someone else feeding him when you're not there? It might be he knows he can get bm from you.

ANiceSliceOfCake Sat 30-Jan-16 21:28:59

I just don't really want to pump to be honest, it would be very time consuming and I'd like to wean off breastfeeding now we are at 6 months to get a bit of a rest really.

And yes I've tried having my husband give the bottle but he still screams unfortunately.

Graceymac Sat 30-Jan-16 21:32:43

I was advised by Nutramigen helpline to add 1-2 drops of vanilla essence because taste was so bad my dd wouldn't drink it. The amount of alcohol in 1 drop is virtually non existent and the advice was that it was safe to do so. My dd still hated it so I quickly gave up the vanilla anyway.

Graceymac Sat 30-Jan-16 21:33:39

Sorry Neocate not Nutramigen.

Artandco Sat 30-Jan-16 21:34:53

Tbh I would try and wait a few weeks if possible. Now baby is 6 months you will be starting giving meals and regular food, so if it's just a break from breastfeeding all the time you want this will happen anyway. By 7 months as an idea mine were just breastfeeding 3 ish times a day ( compared to 6-8 times before 6 months)

bluerose24 Fri 01-Sep-17 12:33:20

My baby is on nutremigine too and doetition said we could use vanilla extract to help the taste. He is 11 weeks if this helps?

lalaly Sat 24-Feb-18 12:47:07

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