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Help!! Constant breastfeeding!

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Laurenem Mon 25-Jan-16 03:31:33

Hi all

I had my little girl 2 days ago, and tonight she just doesn't seem settled unless she is on the boob!! It is making me very sore, and I'm not even sure if she's getting anything! Was just wondering if this was normal?
Thanks smile

WalkThePlank0 Mon 25-Jan-16 03:35:55

Is this your second night?

Google Baby's Second Night on

Yes, it's very normal. Baby just worked out he doesn't live in your tummy anymore....


Laurenem Mon 25-Jan-16 03:42:54

Thank you, was starting to worry I was doing something wrong.

Yes tonight is night 2.

Marzipants Mon 25-Jan-16 03:48:49

You using lots of Lansinoh? He'll be feeding lots to encourage your milk to come in (it may have already), just go with it.


Marzipants Mon 25-Jan-16 03:49:33

She, not he. <Baby brain>

ICJump Mon 25-Jan-16 03:55:15

Very normal for a new born to feed almost constantly. If your nipples are getting sore you might need to work on your position and attachment.
In terms of position your aiming to have chest to chest and chin to breast. So she should be towards you nice and close. Her chin should nuzzle into your breast.
In terms of attachment she needs to have a good mouthful of breast and both lips should be turned out rather than curled. If there is pain beyond a few such unlatch and try again.
Also remind those close to you that you need food and water and lots of reassurance.

WalkThePlank0 Mon 25-Jan-16 04:06:48

Try to nap when she naps. Best way to do that is have your partner or someone else on hand after feeds to wind, change nappy and settle as much as you can. Eat biscuits. Get Netflix on your phone. Remember this will pass. Second night is a shock to lots.

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