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Breastfeeding 2nd baby

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blessedmama8 Wed 20-Jan-16 20:30:19

Evening! So I breastfed my ds1 for a yr (ebf for 6/12) in hindsight made it quite stressful for myself worrying about his weight (instead of knowing he'd be skinny like the rest of the family, especially when he dipped below the 2nd centile)anyway he's now a healthy hyper 2 year old and settled nicely at average height 25th weight.
Roll on to ds2 who's exclusively breastfed at 12 weeks. He's following exactly the same pattern-stupendous growth for first 6 weeks then tapering off (fortunately started on the 91st centile at birth!) but I'm sure will end on the skinny side.
Anyhoo long intro to my question! When I was bf first time-I was leaky for weeks and weeks and pretty much the whole year I could always tell which boob was to be used first by virtue of its fullness. This time round I looked fresh off the operating table when my milk first came in but it settled REALLY quickly by about 2 weeks and I never feel full-is this something that other have found with 2nd/3rd babies etc that your body is a bit more adept at adjusting etc
ds2 is weeing pooing alert happy etcetc and I vowed after last time I would just not weight him (but then the doubts creep in...!!)
Thanks for your input x

minipie Wed 20-Jan-16 20:55:00

I found milk/engorgement settled down by about 2 weeks with both babies.

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