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so is this still thrush?

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creamoftomato Wed 20-Jan-16 05:06:52

Been treating DD and me for thrush now for over two weeks - her with Daktarin oral gel, me with Daktarin cream and washing nipples in vinegar. White patches inside her lips are gone (though she has a persistent white patch on her tongue which I thought was just milk but on the other hand can't seem to rub off...) and red shiny patches on my nipples have gone, but they have been replaced now with a red bumpy rash on the skin around my nipples, which is horrifically itchy. I never had any pain with the thrush (touch wood) and still don't, just recognised other symptoms and started treating.

So are these itchy bumpy rashes still thrush?! The itch is driving me mad but it doesn't seem to fit with most descriptions of symptoms that I'm reading online confused

Could it be anything else?

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