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Even with a good latch, should it hurt at first?

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BatMobile Wed 20-Jan-16 03:41:43

No tongue tie apparent and a good latch according to midwives and BF support ladies. However, when I feed DS it's still tender. Not painful, just a bit 'Ooooooo!' We are only on day two.

I'm using Lansinoh after every feed and airing nips as much as possible.

Will this initial soreness disappear or is it a sign something isn't quite right with the latch?

Thanks cake

ICJump Wed 20-Jan-16 03:45:02

If it's just the initial part of the feed, a few seconds, that's normal but longer then that it's not great. And you shouldn't really need to apply anything after a feed if the latch and position is good.
If the latch looks good but doesn't feel good looking at the position might be helpful.
A good mantra is chest to chest chin to breast.

Junosmum Wed 20-Jan-16 03:56:15

Yeah, on day 2 even with a good latch I got an initial toe-curling "oooh" for the first few gulps, then it would settle down. It's stopped now and I realized that it took him a few sucks to get absolute optimal latch. Now mostly it's let down that causes that sensation, just not quite as bad or as often but every so often he hasn't quite latched perfectly and I get it and it goes after a sick or two, particularly if I wrap his body around mine whilst feeding.

Pteranodon Wed 20-Jan-16 05:22:10

It can be but keep asking for support from lactation consultants because needing lansinoh every time is extreme. I used tubes of the stuff with my first, midwives said latch was good and no tongue tie but every feed was painful for 5 months, and it was only 4 years later when my second child had their tongue tie released that dc1's tongue tie was recognised, by the lactation consultant. They're not all obvious, the midwife had been so definite in her pronouncement that dc1 had no tt. In retrospect, none of them actually stayed observing for a whole feed, and I suspect that, as with dc2, he was starting out with a good latch and then slipping off slightly.

angelicjen Wed 20-Jan-16 05:49:14

It can take a little while for nipples to toughen up (eek !) and get used to it, but pain is also an indicator that something is wrong so keep an eye on it and speak to your hv if it gets any worse. Try to do a whole feed while they are there so they can check it stays good.
To be honest if you just having an uncomfortable moment you're probably OK. I remember chewing my lips and sobbing sad

eleanoralice1 Wed 20-Jan-16 06:12:10

It's just how it is at the beginning, my little one had a super latch and was feeding beautifully, but it was agony at times. Lanolin helped. Persevere and it will get better!

BatMobile Wed 20-Jan-16 09:23:10

Thank you all for taking the time to reply - I really appreciate it.

I had his latch checked again this morning and it's looking good (apparently). Managed to get a slightly more comfortable position which helped. The midwife also reminded me that expressing a bit of milk after a feed and rubbing it in can soothe things so will be trying that.

I have a visit from a lactation consultant booked for next week too.

Pteranodon Wed 20-Jan-16 12:04:10

Good stuff, BatMobile! Hope things improve very soon. (Even if you did nothing, just the baby's mouth growing and tummy - so feeds naturally spacing out - will help over the next few weeks)

SignoraStronza Wed 20-Jan-16 12:07:05

Yes, ime (×3), things are a little 'tender' at first but soon settle down. Give it a week and see how it goes.

DimpleHands Wed 20-Jan-16 13:49:19

Yes! For both DCs it REALLY hurt for about the first 20 seconds of each feed. This continued for the first 2-3 weeks, then no pain at all. It's just the skin toughening up I think!

Icklepickle101 Wed 20-Jan-16 19:08:02

I had this and day 3 was so sore I sat and cried through every feed. My midwife recommended rubbing some breast milk on the nipple before and after each feed as well as the lanoshin and it's helped so much!! Also making sure LOs face is more squashed against boob then I thought I needed has made it heaps better.

Good luck, it gets better!!

bumpertobumper Wed 20-Jan-16 19:34:49

Some people get sore nipples, even when the is no problem. I had v store cracked bleeding nipples will all three of mine. Like being through the blister stage of new shoes.
Don't air them, don't let scabs form - counterintuitive I know but much less painful. Wear nipple shields all the time (I didn't when feeding) so that the are sitting in a little bit of milk all the time. I was lent some antique silver ones - sounds a bit crazy but they are amazing and really work. Much less pain and much faster healing.
Good luck!

Nottalotta Fri 22-Jan-16 07:45:22

The first few sucks were bloody agony for me for about two weeks, lansinoh helped a lot. After that, totally painless.

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