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gentian violet and live yogurt

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trian Tue 19-Jan-16 16:41:22

got both these in the house, trying to get rid of nipple thrush.
which should I try first?
do I just paint them on the nipple and leave it to air for as long as poss?
had nipple thrush for weeks thanks to shit doctors etc
any help gratefully received!

dementedpixie Tue 19-Jan-16 16:46:46

What normal meds have you tried so far?

trian Tue 19-Jan-16 17:18:09

daktarin and fluconazole

the fluconazole hasn't worked, most likely cos the idiot doctor didn't prescribe the right amount, and then gave me more but still not enough, I topped it up with over the counter stuff but it still has not worked

Junosmum Wed 20-Jan-16 03:51:42

Dip them in to live yoghurt between feeds.

trian Thu 21-Jan-16 01:04:59

thanks juno

catsofa Thu 21-Jan-16 01:24:51

You or the baby may have become reinfected after treatment, or one of you may have reinfected the other. It took us 3 goes with fluconazole and daktaron. Thoroughly clean any toys, dummies etc that have been in baby's mouth. Do laundry at 60 degrees including bedding, clothes and towels plus anything that could have been in baby's mouth. Keep doing this during the whole treatment as you won't know exactly when you both become fungus free and can be reinfected by fungus on things used before it is completely gone. Also the pain doesn't end as soon as the infection is gone, hydrocortisone may help while the damage is healing. Took 4 days of it before I was pain free, even after the infection had finally gone. Chuck out any expressed milk as this could reinfect baby and then you. Change breast pads (disposable ones) after every feed. Wash towels after each use. Hope you get rid soon, it's extremely painful!

trian Thu 21-Jan-16 02:27:12

catsofa thanks
what amounts of fluconazole did you have?
I've had loads of daktarin, 4 times a day.
Initially was given 50mg of fluconazole, upped to 150mg after a wk (actually 100mg but I upped it using over the counter loading doses)
but it still didn't work and I haven't had any fluconazole for about a week.
Getting the result of a second batch of nipple swabs tomo
be interested to know if there's any point taking more fluconazole

DesertOrDessert Thu 21-Jan-16 03:51:53

I'm assuming your BF? Has baby had anti fungal also? You BOTH need treating.

Hope its sorted soon.

tiktok Thu 21-Jan-16 14:31:11

Best to speak to a doctor about all of this.

Don't use gentian violet.

Don't experiment with doses of powerful meds.

Hope it clears up soon.

trian Thu 21-Jan-16 14:57:54

I have spoken to my doctor who refuses to follow the advice of the Breastfeeding Network's pharmacist, so they have left me with very little option but to try alternatives.

catsofa Sun 24-Jan-16 01:57:37

Ok the daktarin is for the baby, not you! Wipe around the inside of baby's mouth four or five times a day, we found using a dummy to do this was easiest. Baby will reinfect you if they're not treated at the same time.

Can't remember what dose of fluconazole I had but it was 2 tablets 12 hours apart on day 1, then 1 a day for another 6 days. The pain did not stop immediately so I didn't know the treatment had worked until a few days later and some hydrocortisone. Could yours be cured already but still painful due to damage?

Applying things only to your skin won't work if the infection has reached inside your nipples, although if it hasn't you might have luck with clotrimazole cream which you can get over the counter (Canasten).

More likely to be reinfection than too low a dose of fluconazole, it's very easy to get reinfected. Have you been treating the baby at the same time?

trian Sun 24-Jan-16 19:49:33

thanks cafsofa, baby was treated with daktarin but has never really shown any signs, to cut a long story short. GP is convinced by swabs that it's a staph infection so now I have to try that treatment. The health professional that was treating me before doesn't know their job, in a nutshell. We'll see how it goes!!!

catsofa Wed 27-Jan-16 15:35:14

Oh no sad

Hope something works soon!

trian Wed 27-Jan-16 16:09:49

thanks cafsofa x

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