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Blocked Milk Ducts and Nipple Pore - Please Help before I Give Up!

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DimpleHands Sat 16-Jan-16 16:32:01

Started with a blocked milk duct about a week ago - I think because my DD doesn't have a great latch - which has now turned into a blocked nipple pore, which has now lead to swelling/blockage in other milk ducts!

The breast is sore, hard and enlarged and there is a white spot on the nipple. It's not completely blocked as there is a little milk that comes out the side of the spot when I express (hard) by hand. Do I bite the bullet and use a sterlised needle on the blocked pore?! My eyes are watering just thinking about it but I am getting desperate!

Does anyone have any advice? If I don't manage to sort this out soon I think I am going to give up (DD is 8 weeks) as I am so fed up with feeling sore and worrying that this will develop into mastitis any minute.

geekaMaxima Sat 16-Jan-16 22:35:35


genome Sat 16-Jan-16 22:40:00

I had a milk blister/blocked pore thing while feeding dd1. I took to it with a needle myself and that fixed it. It was painful, but such a relief afterwards!

Badumchhhhh Sat 16-Jan-16 22:43:12

If you don't want to go with a needle you can try getting in a hot shower and giving a run with a flannel. Also rubbing in some olive oil can soften the blockage, and can you pump?
I have been there, it's painful but worth sorting out if you can

Junosmum Sun 17-Jan-16 00:55:25

I'd go at it with a needle if hot water/ hand expressing hasn't worked.

KanyesVest Sun 17-Jan-16 01:13:20

Get on and you'll get great info. Iirc, it's called a nipple bleb. I found lecithin great too when I was getting blocked ducts from ds's shallow latch (undiagnosed posterior tongue tie). It thins the fatty strands in the milk so they are less likely to clump and block the duct.

SnuffleGruntSnorter Sun 17-Jan-16 01:15:27

Hot shower and give it a good massage and express as much as you can. Good luck

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